Monday, October 03, 2011

'Rick Perry's Intelligence Overreach'

A reporter from Mother Jones contacted Grits recently with questions about Governor Perry's record on the TDEX database, which is Texas' homegrown version of the nixed "Total Information Awareness" initiative promoted by Adm. John Poindexter during the Bush II Administration. The resulting story, with the same title as this post, may be found here.

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A Texas PO said...

Kinda flies in the face of the "get gubmint outta arr lives" motto, eh? I've always thought TDEx was a bit much when DPS already has the criminal history database and TxGANG, as well as the numerous other LE-only databases run by local agencies and the AG. It'd be interesting to know exactly who Perry and his cronies are attempting to track with this database. Is he tapping into his inner-Pinochet?

Anonymous said...

DPS is a joke in the law enforcement community, at least on the street.
CCH records are way behind, and the Tdex is so useless, nobody uses it.

If Slick Rick say's "Texas Ranger Reconnaissance Teams" one more time in a debate, I'll puke in my mouth. If he wants to secure the border put Texas National Guard Apache gunships flying the line every day. That will stop cartel activity when they get lit up with some 30mm.

Anonymous said...

Better yet Anonymous 05:32:00, why don't we just go ahead and turn Texas into a police state? Then you can have your Apache gunships flying over residential neighborhoods gunning down citizens. Why shoot the cartels when its American citizens buying the drugs in the first place? Troll said...

I think every person should glance at this.