Friday, November 25, 2011

Roundup on Williamson County prosecutor misconduct fiasco

Several recent essays on the prosecutorial misconduct mess surrounding the Michael Morton case out of Williamson County caught my eye and deserve Grits readers' attention:


Lee said...

I bet $100.00 of my money to $10.00 of your money that this is just the tip of the iceburg. Take a more detailed look into the prosecutorial and judicial career of Anderson. What are the odds that this fiasco was just a one time incident?
I bet there are many dedendants that have legit complaints about being Andersoned in one or more orfices.

Doc Ellis 124 said...

William L Anderson, Texas prosecutor (now a judge) enables a murderer to kill again (while pursuing the wrong suspect)at

Lee said...

I want to hurry and fast forward to the part where Anderson is in front of the State Bar disaplinary committee his full career of regarding defendants as not people but just disposable casualties. As they are asking about his many transgression of prosecutorial misconduct i want to watch the judge deny not just once but over and over again that he should not be disbarred and criminally prosecuted

Anonymous said...

I doubt that Anderson will ever appear before the State Bar. The State Bar will do no more than it absolutely has to in investigating this matter. They'll do just enough to say they investigated and then find an excuse not to discipline Anderson or Bradley.

Three useless agencies in Texas that are a total waste of money: The Judicial Conduct Comission, The Commission on Jail Standards, and the State Bar Disciplinary Committee.

Chris Halkides said...

After reading this, I am more convinced than I was before that the jacket and other items in the Hank Skinner case need to be tested.