Monday, December 19, 2011

Report on prosecutorial misconduct in Michael Morton case out today

The Michael Morton defense team's prosecutorial misconduct report (pdf) came out today "requesting a court of inquiry to examine the role of Williamson County state district Judge Ken Anderson, the former prosecutor, in Morton's wrongful conviction," reports the Texas Tribune. The Austin Statesman also has preliminary coverage. I'm gonna take time to read the 144-page document before commenting, but thought some readers would want access to it ASAP.

See also coverage of the Morton case out today in the LA Times.

MORE: Thanks to a commenter for pointing out the transcript of Judge Doug Arnold's deposition (pdf). He was the assistant DA for Bradley in charge of post-conviction issues including the Morton case from 2005-2009. Notable quote on opposing DNA testing of the bloody bandana: "I thought that our positions were, at the time, legally justifiable. I don't think that any longer."

AND MORE: See Wilco Watchdog, reporting from the front lines.


Anonymous said...

Check that out. Doug Arnold just stuck a fork in Bradley.

Anonymous said...

The LA times article is well written. See the resounding comments. There should be no question about action against Morton's prosecution team, NOW!!!

No sugar coating, NONE of these clowns should practice law ever again. The fact that Texas is paddy whaking around with this is a disgrace to our state...

We the people need to assert some spine and not leave it up to the bar, or some board of inquiry. When all the investigations are finished, no one will remember or care.

What about Mr. Morton, OR HIS SON!!!