Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Bradleyland': Anatomy of a Meltdown?

Having in a past life worked as a professional opposition researcher in more than five dozen campaigns, I've had the opportunity over the years to watch more than my share of politicians melt down under pressure, both my own clients and opponents, during heated campaigns. And there are signs that's what's happening with Williamson County DA John Bradley, judging from this TV news report from KVUE, which I saw via the Wilco Watchdog. There we find a bizarre claim by Bradley that his electoral opponent, County Attorney Jana Duty, initiated the pending grievance against him at the State Bar, which he went on to deny even existed ("not a grievance but a complaint on a piece of paper which he says came from Jana Duty"). In fact, Jana  Duty did not file the grievance. As Grits reported here, it was a woman named Julie Oliver from a group called the Texas Coalition for Lawyer Accountability. See their press release.

The Watchdog sees this odd divergence from the facts as evidence that John Bradley's "Road to Damascus" moment, as Grits called it in this post, may be short-lived:
Grits reported a few weeks back a story on John Bradley’s election year transformation. It was titled “On the Road to Damascus: The Conversion of John Bradley?” One line from the post stated “Any such optimism regarding Bradley's newly announced conversion, though, should for now remain measured. He’s got a long record, and it will take more than a few words of humility to get everyone to believe that he’s had some road to Damascus moment.'"
Bradley was also quoted as saying “It would be very easy I think for me to get upset, bitter, and just react to all of that stuff but I’ve never really approached things that way.”

It appears Bradley’s road to Damascus moment just hit a dead end and he has exited back to “Bradleyland.”
The Watchdog adds that "Sources close to Bradley have stated that he is in complete 'panic mode' and is 'desperate' to salvage any remaining hope in being re-elected." This faux pas certainly sounds like desperation to me. I'd have thought JB was smarter than to just begin flailing and making stuff up. Issuing unfounded attacks you'll inevitably have to retract isn't the way to make up ground if the incumbent DA hopes to salvage his reelection chances between now and the April 3 primary.


Anonymous said...

John Bradley has resorted to lying? No way, say it ain't so. He studied under Ken Anderson, the most ethical man in the world so I'm not buying it.

Robert Rister said...

Well, for heaven's sakes. If the man doesn't care about who committed a murder why would he bother with getting his facts straight about a grievance? Robert Rister

Anonymous said...

John Bradley does an excellent job and is very comfortable lying with a straight face. Great job Grits and Wilco Watchdog! Don't let this snake skate.

doran said...


Well, I thought what Grits referred to as a "road to Damascus moment" was much more a "Nixon to China" kinda thing. But now..... Mr. Bradley's implosion is like at the last moment, just before Dick sent Henry off to China, Dick realized that all those Chinese were COMMUNISTS who were just out to get him, so he cancelled the whole thing.

Anonymous said...


John Bradley has TWO pending grievances, one filed by Ms. Oliver, and one filed by me.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get any coverage. I sent you a copy of my grievance consisting of multiple criminal allegations due to Bradley's complete failure to enforce a Felony called "Interference with Child Custody" Penal Code Section 25.03 by his own failure to prosecute even the most egregious cases, AND his "policy"; imposed upon Law Enforcement Officers in Williamson County, of lying to victims and telling them it is not even a crime at all!

If this complaint, and the proof I am going to send you, were publicized, John Bradley would be out of office in days and perhaps in prison to boot!

Would you please consider doing something to get this information to the public.

Hundreds of decent and loving parents have just about given up hope of seeing their children because they cannot afford the thousands of dollars civil attorneys charge to bring contempt...and don't know it is a crime.

Daniel Simon

Lee said...

There is a special place in hell for Bradley!

Tedbyrd said...

John Bradley is simply the latest example of the inevitable result of hubris; one party government, unopposed by any countervailing power-it is only surprising that it took so long- what I find absolutely fascinating is that he is being undone by an american untouchable- a convicted wife murderer-the powerful being taken down by the meek- can you say beatitudes? I will be watching- and hoping-that Jennifer Tharp, Comal county DA, has the same ignominious experience

Kevin Stouwie said...

The old saying, "You reap what you sow." seems fitting here. He's been sowing an awful lot of injustice and misery for a long time. Now, the tables seem to be turning, and he's not liking how it feels to be villified for making mistakes. Yet, that's been his modus operandi forever.

I'm convinced that the problem with people like Bradley is that they believe the job of the prosecutor is to seek convictions and lengthy prison sentences, rather than to seek the truth so that justice is done. There's a very important distinction in there that is lost on Bradley and his ilk.

Phillip Baker said...

Amen, 8:14! I'm watching the Adan Castaneda case closely- a decorated ex-Marine clearly suffering PTSD related to his service as a sniper in Iraq. He wound up shooting at his mom's house- no injuries. Only Tharp is pursuing charges, against the mother's will. He is clearly in a serious mental breakdown, but being held in solitary cell in county jail whileTharp refuses to reduce or drop charges so he can get into a hospital for treatment. Yeah, they're "heroes"- till they get home and begin to fall apart.

GalvestonLawyer said...

What's funny is there is no mention whatsoever of this matter over on the TDCAA website--either in news links or their forums. I guess if you wish hard enough and really really want it--it'll all just go away.

Daniel Simon said...

Yep, no mention at the TDCAA (Texas District and County Attorney's Association) site about Morton, Bradley's opposition, links to Grits or the WilcoWatchdog, or my site

also John Bradley used to post on TDCAA under JB....about a thousand times a year...and no posts from him lately and he has masked his email address.

Bradley so desperately wishes it would all go away, that it was all a bad dream...but John, the nightmare is just started! You know who I am, and I know WHAT you are and Wilco is just waking up from their lack of knowledge about your corruption.

There are a growing number of people in Wilco that want to see you in jail or see you in hell! And the other corrupt "Officials" in Wilco along with you!!

Daniel Simon

JusticeWatch said...

What is disturbing in all of the coverage is the fact that Jana Duty is coming out smelling like a rose. You can't find one negative comment about her on the Watchdog. If people bothered to take a look, she would not be a much better alternative to Bradley. At least Bradley is smart. Duty? And why is Ken Crain never mentioned?

Wilco politics are sleazy, and, as a voter, I fully intend to vote for "none of the above". I heard Wilco called the "Fourth Reich" years ago, and took great offense. Now?