Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Wrongful Convictions Blog

Say "Howdy" to the brand spanking new Wrongful Convictions Blog, run by Mark Godsey who directs the Ohio Innocence Project. Mark's rounded up a terrific stable of writers if he can keep them all producing regularly; they're off to a great start.


The Homeless Cowboy said...

A fine idea I think, You aer correct that he has assembled quite an impressive gaggle of writers and I think this will be a great source of information for a lot of people. Of course it goes without saying that it will be no match for our brother Scott and our beloved Grits. Thanks Scott for sharing that I think it will be very helpful. Peace Out.

Thomas R. Griffith said...

Hey Grits, thanks for taking time to put this notice up. There's plenty of room on the injustice band wagon and we welcome the WCB with open arms.

Folks that take time to pry themselves away from GFB are asked to check out the 'profiles' of the 'Editors'. Mrs. Nancy Petro & Mr. Martin Yantz (just to name a couple) are in deed "impressive" & outstanding choices, not to mention Public Heroes.

Q.If given the chance would you consider becoming a WCB contributing editor (in your spare time of course)? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

When I try to access this website my malware software blocks access. It says that the site is a known source of phishing malware.

Steve said...

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