Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Juvie link roundup

Grits would like to pass on a few links related to juvenile justice issues for interested readers, even if I don't have time right now to delve too deeply into them.


Anonymous said...

Taking a look at the first link left in the "Juvie link roundup", it seems the first one is to a Dallas News article... the actual TJJD website is at http://www.tjjd.texas.gov -- at least that's the link I think was intended to show up?

For whatever it's worth, I'd like to add one more link (http://tdjj.yolasite.com) to what's going on at TJJD. Even though it's a real UNOFFICIAL website there's a good deal of information to glean there from the comments of rank and file JCO's who work at the Giddings campus.

It may not represent the state of affairs at ALL of TJJD facilities, but it's worth noting it's gotten the attention of State officials... who seem to have some some concerns of its contents now, finally, in regards to how close GSS is falling into total meltdown mode.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Fixed the link. And for others, here's the blog referenced in the above comment, apparently run by a former Giddings staffer. Thanks for pointing it out, I hadn't seen it.

I don't particularly endorse some of the stuff on there, which seems to long for the good ol' days when they could knock the kids around without consequence. My (least) favorite may be this post, which decries Giddings as a "bubblegum lockup," linking to video of adult prison violence, then declaring, "Sometimes a person's 'rights" end at the beginning of another person's knuckles, and if so, well... too late, too bad! That's real life for ya and the kids locked up at Giddings NEED to understand there may be worse consequences for their actions than what they r..."

Notice the youth's "rights" are in quote marks as though it's a euphemism. And the author thinks what youth need is to be victims of violence to show them what it's like in "real life." That's the kind of garbage attitude that got TYC abolished in the first place.

This post also advocates hitting kids to "get a child's attention."

Given that a recent survey found 85% of Giddings youth had been in a fight since they got there, I think the kids understand all too well about a punch in the nose, which in some cases is what taught them the lessons that landed them in lockup in the first place. So I was a bit disappointed to see some of the commentary on that site, but better there than here!

diogenes said...

I find it interesting that the referenced blog posts Chance's rebuttal to a review of his book, but not the review itself. The review was well-written and on point; the rebuttal wasn't.

The rest: not so surprising, but still saddening.

Tim Moss said...

As webmaster of the "TDJJ" website referred to earlier, a former JCO, and a parent, I want to make it clear I DO NOT subscribe to cruelty or abuse in any form towards to ANYONE of any age, incarcerated or not.

BUT -- a firm framework of expectations and consequences is necessary to help an organization such as TJJD to run effectively. Maybe it sounds like a longing for "the good old days", but I can state with certainty that situations since the West Texas scandal have left the Giddings State School a much more dangerous place to be for both staff and youth.

Nowdays, youth routinely assault staff, destroy propery, and fight each other with very little consequence, if any. Youth are routinely bribed with food, candy, and privileges that they have NOT earned in order to gain their compliance. They have been showered with flat screen and 3-D TV's, snow cones, slip-n-slides, video consoles, pizza parties and on and on -- and their behavoir has only gotten WORSE.

Most rank and file JCO staff will agree -- the kids have more rights than the adults, who can get fired for no more than cursing at them. JCO's are human, too, and yes, sometimes they don't do as they should... but when youth get away with whatever they want, over and over, without consequence, sometimes a frustrated staff will react inappropriately.

Maybe it was an overwhelming sense of anger, disgust, disappointment, and futility that made me leave TYC after 6.5 years... and yes, maybe I come across as bitter and overly sarcastic on the website -- but in NO WAY would I advocate unprofessional conduct by the JCO staff.

My main concern is that TJJD do a GOOD JOB as far as what the State of Texas and youths' parents expect... and that you and I don't have to end up being harmed on our city streets by some punk who didn't - or wouldn't - "get it" when given the opportunity to be rehabilitated at a State facility.

We CAN help these youth make better choices when they get out IF they come to accept that being locked up means having to meet certain societal expectations. TJJD is failing at this, and we will deserve whatever we get unless more good "old fashioned" discipline is imposed. Discipline is NOT A BAD THING if done right -- right?

Anonymous said...

When you go to the new TDJJ website and click on the link that says "organizational chart" - it's a blank page. That's pretty damn accurate when you consider what a piss poor leader Cherie Townsend really is....blind leading the blind...

Anonymous said...

Tim is right.... there are no consequences that deter youth violence. I don't believe he is advocating for abusing youth. Rather, we need to go back to the good ole' BMP hearings and lock down the most violent offenders. Why are we ignoring the kids rights to be free from physical and psychological harm when the source of the threat is from their peers? What about those rights? Lock down the assholes that are creating these problems so the youth who want to engage in their treatment can do so without the destraction and threat of violence. If the milieu is unsafe, there is no treatment going on - trust me on that one. All the things that are wrong at Giddings are a direct result of Cherie Townsend and James Smith bringing in their out-of-state ideas that are not working in Texas.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

Blame it on the leadership, typical jco punk ass whining.
Several years ago I had visited tyc facilities. Of the 5 facilities I visited Giddings was the most like Gatesville. This is when I theorized on Grits that the 90 year old culture of Gatesville was simply transplanted to Giddings where it was then allowed to propagate to other facilities. Like a virus or staph infection, pun intended.
I recently met a man who was part of the group of boys who were at Gatesville and moved to Giddings. He has written several essays, papers not Mexican dudes for you tyc staph twits, about his time in tyc which was during this transfer. The title of one, When the Cottages became Darms. Dorm is pronounced darm in state prison speak or as it later became known as ebonics and now simply referred to as black talk. We joked about the reasoning for this change being because the black kids couldn’t pronounce the word cottage in state talk to they were called dorms, pronounced darm. Really the deeper meaning was the boys home becoming the new Gatesville or specifically Mountain View what with the fence and all.
A visit to any tyc facility is always depressing, partly due to the sheer and utter hopelessness of the kids but mostly because how the sorry ass staff treat the kids who come to them for help. I was amazed by how much the culture at Giddings was so much like Gatesville. The language, mannerisms of the boys, was way too familiar. After 30 years it was weird. I felt 16 years old again and was ready to count. It wasn’t nearly as familiar at either of the Mart facilities, Gainesville, or at all at Corsicana.
The one constant was the staff who were all ass holes especially after they heard my state boy how to success story. The group I would go with would joke about how when tyc staff eyeballed me the envy was so thick you could slice it like bread.
It’s like Harold the mildly retarded trash haul man at Gatesville would say, if you aint no better than a state boy then who are you better than. It’s the ingrained mentality of tyc staff. Because of their socioeconomic/academic status of bottom feeder they can’t treat those poor children who come to them for help any better. And to defend against their baseless hatred of themselves they blame their problems on others, the kids, and the management. Now you people have your own blog to whine on courtesy of some out of state fish, with some tattoos.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

I think if you people at tyc/tjjd would take note of the feedback and results of your clients you have served in your long history and stop defending and deflecting your massive short comings you people could have a greater potential to finally get this right.
And I like to stand as a constant reminder of you peoples tremendous short comings that directly contribute to future crime statistics at the cost of my tax dollars. You people should be charged with destruction of state property for how you treat those kids.
The main reason I’m so critical of tyc/tjjd is because for people who claim to know what the hell you are doing with this population of Texas children your entrenched attitude of defend and deflect at all cost blinds you people from solving the problem. Otherwise I’d stick to the state boy code, never look back.
We would say look back go back. This too was etched into our psyche, I believe, so those of us who know firsthand wouldn’t become advocates. You people don’t want us talking about how you people really are. Advocates are a big threat to you people but those who know how you people really are, but then again, no one really cares about the kids. For some it looks good on a resume for others it supplement their hog farm. Nothing will change because it cant change.

Anonymous said...

Tim is absolutely correct. The kids are bribed and it doesn't work. They take the snickers or whatever else you give them then they pop you up side the head. Our staff are constantly being assaulted; some to never return. Others are quitting like there's a wildfire. They don't want to get hit. THESE KIDS NEED SOME CONSEQUENCES FOR NEGATIVE ACTIONS!!!

Anonymous said...

The rate at which the JCO staff are fleeing is quite alarming. But then who can blame them? Who stays around for these kids to abuse them. They get no consequences for bashing the JCO staff's heads in. These are not the kids we used to get. These are felons. You can't shower them with gifts and hope to get good behavior. They have show us that doesn't work. Stop it with the movies and ice cream and popcorn and whatever else they decide they want.

Anonymous said...

We are now officially warehouseing.
No real treatment, no real programs and no attitude changes in the kids we get. They are learning that you take what you want.

This is what Madden/Whitmire ask for and it is what we have. Because at this rate higher numbers than ever before will be headed to prison. And we all know thats where the money is.

Madden will be paid big time for his corrections "knowledge" and "experience" as a consultant.
And as these offenders reoffend and go to prison that industry will thrive and Whitmires war chest will continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

04:43 You did a good job of pointing out how bad behavior is rewarded in the old TYC (now TJJD). Unfortunately, many call this "empowering the youth." The question is, empowering them to do what?

Anonymous said...

Empowering them to run your sales tax's amusk. Empowering the thugs to see what juveile justice has become in Texas by ignoroning the bullshit occurring in this state behind the blind fucking leader - John Whitmire.

Screw Elmer. Screw his ass to no end. His tactics are so "Hitler" that the man can't run.

So here's to you John Whitmire:

We don't cry - we multiply - and we are looking to end your ass once and for all.

Tim Moss said...

All it takes is some time with your feet on the floor of a dorm to know that the kids are out of -- and beyond -- control. This is not whining. It's the simple truth.

After the West Texas sex scandal, the State of Texas decided to make up for all the abuses that were allowed to go on by taking an opposite view of business -- that nothing was TOO GOOD for the poor boys. Staff were stripped of all means of legitimate authority to keep the kids in check and what did the kids do? Just what you'd expect. And the result is what you have now -- anarchy on the dorms.

True, as Sheldon#47333 points out, some of the staff are doing a poor job... but not all are as stoopid as he'd like to portray them -- tattoos notwithstanding. I realize most staff are not college grads, and do not have advanced degrees in corrections.

I feel pitifully sorry for Sheldon since he's so so very out of touch with the reality of the real situation at Giddings and ways of the world in general. For some sad reason, he feels it vitally necessary to defend the incarcerated youth against the staff, of whom he obviously has no respect. OH, WELL. When he gets his head out of La-La Land he may wake up and see that when staff complain about intolerable working conditions, it's not WHINING.

Bottom line? Either the State listens and responds to the legitimate concerns of those who work at the juvenile prisons, and gives them the authority to do a better job redirecting youth to lead more socially acceptable lives, or,
we end up with more uneducated punks who end up in these places.

The answer to the problems at the schools isn't that hard... it can be summed up in these words: MORE DISCIPLINE, for both staff and youth. Regardless of what others may think (or the name-calling they may stoop to) I lay the blame for the current agency fsilures NOT on the battered and unappreciated JCO staff but on the prevalent culture of candyass coddling that keeps youth from learning any real-world lessons when they get locked up at TJJD.

Anonymous said...

In 1998, at Evins, we had a April 13 riot that damn near ruines our house. Back then, they hired a man from a marine corp. to advise them and then hired him on full board to develope these special teams of mens in black. He also did the Y2k fear and went to every campus before it happened and brought in all kinds of weapons to deter another riot. It worked, not another riot. I remebers him saying "the best ways to prevent a war is always to prepare for one" or something likes that. I can't remembers his name but that man brought in all kinds of gas and pepper spray and trained those special units. Why are we not doing that agin? Is it not time before we loose it all?

Anonymous said...

Tim Moss' website is so far left it stinks. But, the kids DO run the facilities. I was retaliated against after speaking to a TJJD board member at his request. The retaliation came from staff first then kids. They fear their power is diminishing because people are finally standing up and taking notice. Mike Meade is doing his best, coming to see the Giddings unit regularly now and we are starting to see a difference. New staff, new eyes and a new attitude begining to emerge. I think he is a chief somewhere and I thank whomever put chiefs on that board. At least now someone understands what it takes to grind out the daily activities of a secure facility.

Anonymous said...

These kids, starting at age 11 or 12, emancipated themselves from parental control. With no father in their lives, it was easy to defy their one parent and go with their peers.

When adults try to enforce rules when these young men are 15-18, it doesn't work. The Central Office folks agree and they say to let these young men continue in their old patterns. It's just too much trouble to change life-long habits.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

Tim, I’m not as out of touch as you think. I know the type of children who get sent to tyc/tjjd. I also know what type of psychopaths the agencies seeks to employ. Pay rate according to sickness. I was one who proposed abolishing tyc in favor of TDCJ having a juvenile offender program. Move the old kids out of Ferguson Farm then move the young kids in was my proposal. Met with our Rep about it. Didn’t think it would pass by the liberal advocates at UT who want to coddle juvenile delinquents. And to much money at stake. You people have built some empires since taking legislated control of tyc. Just like the old gatesvile hog farmers said.
You see I’m all for a humane control model. What Morales v turman and Ruiz v Estelle was suppose to do was get you low life’s in check. What has happened and continues to happen was 2 shit bag state government agencies wanted revenge against Judge Justice but retaliated against the tax payers. Throw in affirmative action hiring practices and you get the poorly managed costly burden we have today. I send my maid register my vehicle so I don’t have to deal with lazy ass govment JOB’ers.
I write just like you jco’s, from an “us versus them” mentality. Only we state boys are the us and you people are the them. And no, I don’t have much respect for child abusers nor the pedophiles you people have become. Just like the old hog gatesvile farmers said.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

Tim; may I recommend the books listed on my blog. If you’re going to advocate for your fellow ass clowns the least you could do is know how the agencies evolved. Who Gets a Childhood, Texas Tough, Weeping In The Playtime of Others are very well written and based on historical documents. The agency has a long history of scandal, cover-up, and reform. And the cycle continues tjjd. When you people admit your mistakes, stop defending and deflecting real reform can begin. You people are the real criminals.
pusillanimous 3/26/2012 6:33pm When I was a BT we didn’t need all the punk ass protection to do cell extractions anymore than when I was an office boy. Positive Peer Culture the program was called. I would think in today’s tyc/tjjd you people would enjoy the children sodomizing you with an OC can rather than using it to maintain order. BTW, impressive you can write in black talk. I have struggled with that since getting educated. After 3 years on a predominately colored school I was pretty fluent. Mens is black, probly couldn’t bust a grape, first sign of trouble they be kickin rocks the uter way.
pusillanimous 3/27/2012 3:47pm little directionally challenged. I would say Tim’s blog is middle to right leaning. Evangelical like since it don’t take comments. If it’s helping you peoples miserable cause then what the hell? Be supportive! If it weren’t for the Africans selling out there on people the slave trade wouldn’t have been so profitable. Don’t be like those people. My only wish for you jco’s is when you pass through the gatehouse at the end of your shift may your cloths reek of state boy feces. Well done you deserve it. On another note this old survivor likes hearing you people cry. You really should let them cry on you blog Tim.

Lenord Leeshar said...

I remember when we used to punk fools like sheldon 47333. In fact, the black kids used to use him as a blowing board if that fool is the same fool posting here.

JCO 01 said...

As a still working JCO at TJJD I have to say that things have gone from ok to swirling around the toilet on the way down. Youth used to have dicipline and consequences for their actions. Not given rewards for bad behavior. Before the changes and Connexions we had few if any assaults on staff. Youth did as they were told. It was rare to have them swear at you and fights were also rare. Youth mostly did the programs and the ones that did not usually were sent to TJJD much faster. Enter the West Texas Fiasco (Most of the charges were found to be false and fake) TYC/TJJD was forced to change and the changes were not for the best. Youth were given way to many ways to not behave. Its like giving the keys to the hen house to the fox. Instead of using the tried and established and reliable group ups and checks we were forced to use this rediculious check in process and fill out more paperwork. If the youth refused to do the checks, check in's, time out's, thinking reports? You sent them to security? Guess what! They would not take them! You bet that the youth found out that we no longer had teeth or claws. It only took months for the youth to control the school. Soon even when you needed help it was slow to come and youth often were return before you sent in the insident report! Managment and Administration looked the other way and the Caseworkers fnding security full would just send them back! Now how do you keep order or control of a situation when the youth that just threatened to kill you is sent right back to smile in your face? Stays for things that used to be for days or weeks even months were now hours or maybe overnight? Even assaults were often returned in 1-3 days! Soon the school became dangerous to work! No joke! My fellow JCO's were being hurt in record numbers! Vetran JCO's quit in record numbers! New hires left as soon as they found out what they had to deal with and the lack of support they had. With Managment finding ways to not deal with the youth and hiding all shift it left us JCO's to deal with a usless program and youth that now could do what they wanted. We had riots and fights and even beatdowns on campus. Still TJJD did nothing to move or send the worst youth to TJJD. Tell me what would you do in this situation? I've watched good friends violently assaulted by youth put in the hospital and still the youth sit at TJJD and not be sent to TDCJ? Some of the youth assault staff not just once but up to 5 times! All of this is because of the way things have changed. I want anyone that thinks I'm making this up apply for a Job at TJJD and work at Giddings and experience it for yourself!

Jco Burned out. said...

Having read Sheldon TYC #47333 Shows that TYC still puts out failures even back in the old days. After all anyone can fake it to get out. It's a good chance that Sheldon is posting from TDCJ and not his home computer. After all he shows that he never completed his schooling or got his GED. We can't save them all or even just a few these days. The ones that really want to finish the programs are intimidated and threatened and even assaulted by youth like Sheldon. Weaker youth often have to cheek their meds to make Sheldon happy by letting him get high at TJJD. Yes this happens daily at TJJD. There are Success story's from TYC I personally know one that is a big success and has a thriving business. However, This was long before TYC brought in their Connexions program. Just look at the real stats and you will see that before the program of Connexions and after the amount of youth that leave and go right back to crime or worse has risen dramatically! Just as the assaults on staff have. Just as the assaults on other youth has. Just as about everything has. Now show us why TJJD Fired the Director, made the Assistant Director, finally did something about the management that was always missing from their dorms? How come they covered up and hid the truth and still are about what is going on? TJJD Giddings is still in melt down mode. Would you want someone like Sheldon walk up and assault you?

Anonymous said...

Sheldon has his GED with a note frome his case worker that says tar it up if he runs again. It hangs in his very nice office next to his BSEE and his MBA. He has a wife of over 30years, respected in his community and 4 very inteligent succesful children. He is what TYC should be turning out. But the TYC staff mentality of if your no better than an inmate who are you better than gets in the way.
And no burn out, even at his age you would not want to have him fight you. He is a product of TYC.
Sham you cant work somewhere else burn out.

Anonymous said...

After being retired from TYC for a number of years I see nothing has changed. Even a new name can't revive the dying agency. What a fine job all the experts in the Texas Legislature did gutting the old TYC and replace it with something much worse. At least the politicians got a few headlines in the press, but at what cost. The only guy that had a clue what he was doing was Jay Kimbrough. He created distractions to take the heat off of Rick Perry and did a mighty fine job of it. Wonder what Jay Kimbrough is doing these days since he got fired from Texas A&M and escorted off the property?

Anonymous said...

Sheldon sucked a lot of black dick when he was in. That way, he could survive. That wasn't black tar - that was somehing else. But it was black...

Tim Moss said...

Glad you asked about Jay Kimbrough... to see what he's up to nowdays, click this link --


-- and be prepared to PUKE. I almost did. Just goes to show you what happens if you happen to be a "close friend" of Gov. Rick Perry. But why, WHY am I not surprised?

I really no longer wonder why the meltdown cesspool situations at Giddings State School haven't been taken more seriously by elected State officials... what with the problems coming to light concerning abuses at the homes for the mentally impared, the disgraceful backlog of child protective services investigations, etc etc. Agency understaffing is apparently endemic in the State. Imagine that!

Who has time to bother with Giddings? No one's been killed there, yet, so folks there must be getting along allright, huh? Guess so; seems to me the State politicians and the Powers That Be in Austin aren't acting too concerned with what's going on.

But for what it's worth, I'm STILL going to advocate online for positive changes at GSS for both JCO staff AND the youth locked up there. Positive changes, to me, means that there's better working conditions for JCO staff, better results/chances for success for the youth once they leave campus, that taxpaying State citizens get what they expect and are paying for, and that we ALL can enjoy safer communities.

Call me a dreamer...

Anonymous said...

Tim I can see all you want to do is stir the pot. I knew you at Giddings and you were a troublemaker then. Still one. Changes are occurring here. Things are slowly getting better. Attention has been brought on this place by the new board. It will take awhile but they are working on it. So give it a rest why don't you? You aren't here anymore to see the changes you are advocating for.
Signed a dedicated employee who wants to see the best for kids.

Tim Moss said...

THANKS. I'll accept that "troublemaker" label with PRIDE. Sure, things have changed, maybe even somewhat for the better since I've left -- but may NOT have occured without a little pot stirring, hmmm? As much as I also want to see better conditions on campus for the youth, at least as much I want to see (and help bring about, if possible) better conditions for STAFF. THOSE are the people I care for the most since they are the ones I share the most empathy with, having been one myself.

One can be dedicated to the job/agency and STILL see room for improvement... or does the previous poster think the glacially slow changes that have taken place over the past few months and years are a GOOD thing and have resulted in LESS staff injuries, overtime, discrimination, etc? If so, maybe it's time for a reality check!

JCO 01 said...

Change happens because of people like Tim Moss and people like me and others that stand up when things are wrong. The powers that are running TJJD are Corrupt and worse have made decisions that not only affect the youth that are sent there but also threaten the health, safety and well being of the staff and youth there. Perhaps instead of calling people like Tim Moss and myself "Trouble Makers." The Federal government and the people of the State of Texas need to investigate what is really going on at places like TJJD Giddings and other TJJD facilities. From the Useless programs now being used to the rampant Nepotism and good old boys system with the amount of rampant racism being used there could make a great movie. This is what your tax dollars pay for along with the wages for Townsend and her cronies that choose to remain clueless to what is really going on. Come! Join TJJD! Experience things for real and then claim that everything is A-OK at TJJD. Soon the totally fake and useless waste of our Millions will again happen with the ACA inspections and cover-ups of the mismanagement of TJJD. From the Senator's down to the Nepotism Management its rotten to the core. Explain to us how the Millions upon millions are wasted. Show me where you can call in sick anytime you want or come in late every day and never be fired? Perhaps be paid a rather nice salary for coming to work and not doing anything but hiding instead of helping the regular in the trenches JCO's that still work and think they can make a difference in the lives of some of the youth locked up there? Come Join TJJD! We have Hundreds of Job openings! Tell everyone why we do? Let the youth verbally abuse you, yell at you, swear at you, threaten you, assault you! It's just a normal day along with Management being AFK and you left in a very dangerous situation.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if more people would visit and read the site run by Tim Moss they might start to see that things are not ok at TJJD and the Example of what is happening at the Giddings campus shows what is happening there. Since the introduction of the Connexions programs and the influx of new staff From the Corporate world. many of us have had our eyes opened to the problems and corruption happening at TJJD. and Governor Perry's lack of doing anything about things there. Staff to student rations that are state mandated have been ignored for years now. Staff are daily stuck with more youth to handle than they are supposed to. Sit in a room with 20+ Juvenile felons that you can't touch, or even swear at? Yet they can swear, threaten, touch, and even assault you with no consequences! Youth often have assaulted staff not once but multiple times and still languish at TJJD waiting to do it again! Would you work there if you knew that it's just a matter of time before your next? The Agency is Broken! Visit
http://tdjj.yolasite.com/ and read for yourself. Take the time and read all the entry's in the guest-book and then ask yourself. WTF is going on at TJJD?
http://tdjj.yolasite.com/ and the site that TYD/TJJD made close down is there for Staff to sound off and maybe get people to see and read about what is happening there.

Anonymous said...

Somebody please help my son.. i have been searching for help. He is a good kid at hert but his bothers they just push im to do things. HBe is in this giddings place now. he has been beated up 5 times in a week. it is negroes against whites and mexican people and the supervisors watch it. My son, he got told to join with one gang or the other but get ready to fight. Why don't nobody help him. This Mike guy is he gonna do sumthing. ARE ALL OF YOU HERE BLOGGING GONNA DO SOMETHING? He's my baby but he no angel. He needs help but nut raped and beat down. He tell me he get more drug inside than can get outside. how this happen? he there for need drug help. who i can call for to get help?? I afraid for him cUZ HE TELL ME WORKERS BRING DRUGGAS IN WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT. how they gonna help my baby, HELP HELP

Tim Moss said...

Sorry to hear about the plight of your son... and I don't doubt you are telling it like it is. But the problem of where to get help is a big one. I've been trying to get people in the media and government to take notice of the shortcomings at the Giddings facility, but as of yet no one seems to notice much that it's a failing institution. Staff have been assaulted so often themselves that they don't sometimes do their jobs and break up fights... the administration doesn't allow staff to give violent youth the consequences they need to cut down on the problem, either.

I frankly don't have much advice to offer as "what to do" about the abusive situations occuring at the school. I've offered suggestions over the years and mostly been ignored... and since I no longer work there I have no authority to make any changes.

The only thing I could recommend is that you call the top administrator at the school, the inspector general, everyone on the board of advisors, etc, and give them an uncensored piece of your mind. Hope your efforts as a parent of an incarcerated youth bring about better results than mine did as an employee there.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

Anonymous 04/052011, Most of the people blogging here don’t give a damn and this mike on the board most likely isn’t going to do shit to help your baby.
Let an old alumni chime in here Tim,
Have your son join a gang, I’d recommend Tango.
The worst part about going to a place like Giddings is having to put up with a bunch of Schvartzes. And this generation is really bad because they think they are entitled to hate whitey. The you people staff running Giddings are all about BOW.
Also share with your son I’ve always found it to be an urban myth that Schvartzes can fight. They can talk shit, be loud, be in the way, but when it comes to actual physical scrap you always have to fight Schvartzes as a group. Like animals they can’t be reasoned with but that’s an advantage. Still I always found it easier to fight 2 or 3 Schvartzes then one white kid or one Latino kid. Skill over brute strength wins every time. Again, The only thing your son has to fear about Schvartzes is the urban myth that they are bad ass’s. Courage is key with Schvartzes.
You tell your Little angle to click up with the Spanish boys, La Raze.

Lenord Leeshar sorry dude it wasn’t me in you white boy homosexual fantasy, yours either pusillanimous 03/29/2012 12:06. There are 2 things that helped me survive the juvi joint. The advise my Dads driver gave me to implement upon my first encounter with the Fat Albert gang and my people supplying me with plenty of smokes to run the show. I didn’t fit in with the white kids and the Schvartzes where some of the worst racist I’ve ever met. However they are very entertaining, one dorm man would love it when I would get them to fight each other. He called it a minstrel show because they would bleed so easy it appeared as though they were menstruating. Then we would have the white boys clean up after. That’s another thing you should tell your son, they nut up faster when they leak.
Funny thing, a few years ago while perusing through death row mug shots I saw the racist Schvartze whom with a few others of his kind thought this white fish would be easy prey. He still had the scar on his face where I let him and the rest of the colored boys know I don’t play.

Thanks for the shout out 3/28/2012 8am. That wasn’t tyc’s doing. People like jco burnout write it but don’t get it, the underling truth that tyc failed with me. They didn’t break my sprit. Well degreed, successful, respected in my community. I’m what tyc calls a failure. The racist Schvartze in the death row mug shot is the reality of a tyc success story.

Giddings is what it is and no one gives a damn about those kids. And I’ve only just recently seen where one person appears to give a damn about the staff, Tim Moss. Best of luck to you and your son.

Anonymous said...

TJJD is a joke. You have staff who have no interest in working with youth and only interested in padding their retirement. This is a system that is slowly being taken over by TDCJ only because salaries are higher. Legislators should have seen this coming only because their was no "real change" as everyone was demanding. If you want real change, then do something about it before careers, people, and most importantly youth become damaged.

Here's an idea...how about bringing 60Minutes or 20/20 or some other national television program to expose the embarassment of a corrupt system.

Anonymous said...

When you read some of these blogs it is no wonder our children are in TYC/TJJD. The language and spelling!!! Lord help us. This is for people to post their views, respect that people.

Anonymous said...

TJJD is a joke. When is someone going to really look at what is going on over there? When will someone truly examine the organizational chart. Everyone who is in power is either from TDCJ or previous TYC.

Real change? Seriioulsy, all this rhetoric still nothing is changing. What will take before change occurs? A death or a lawsuit? One of the is about to happen.