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Townsend: 52% in Texas youth prisons suffer mental health problems

It's been frequently observed that adult jails and prisons are becoming society's de facto inpatient mental health facilities because they incarcerate so many offenders with serious mental illnesses. But if official data are to be believed, that may be even more true in the juvenile system. Reporting on a House Corrections Committee hearing yesterday on juvenile justice, AP says ("Mental health issues common among youth prisoners," Mar. 7) that:
More than half of the people in Texas' youth prisons have a moderate or high need for mental health care, and officials should improve their early intervention efforts to help those young people before they end up behind bars, the head of a new state agency told lawmakers Tuesday.

Cherie Townsend, executive director of the Texas Juvenile Justice Department, said more than 52 percent of teens and other youngsters held at the state's six juvenile detention facilities have been diagnosed with at least moderate mental health problems.

Including those with at least some kind of mental health care needs would make that tally much higher, she said.

"The numbers are increasing, and the percentages are increasing," Townsend told members of the Texas House Corrections Committee, referring to the number of juvenile detainees who have mental health problems and their proportion of the state's total youth population at detention facilities.
Not everybody, though, agreed that Texas youth prisons are morphing into insane asylums. One legislator suggested perhaps overdiagnosis played a role:
Rep. Charles Perry suggested authorities might be classifying too many young people as having mental health problems.

"I'm a little nervous about the discussion," said Perry, a Lubbock Republican, "because I know kids that act out that have no mental health issues, and just act out because they act out."
I don't doubt that mentally ill youth disproportionately end up in youth prisons and it wouldn't surprise me if the ratio is greater than in the adult system. But I also agree with Rep. Perry that youth in the juvenile justice system may be diagnosed with mental illnesses too frequently, and sometimes inappropriately, in hope that their behavior issues can be medicated away - or as so-called "chemical restraint." Hell, it's well known that some schools and psychiatrists promote psychoactive drugs at relatively young ages to counter children's behavioral problems, even for non-delinquents. Foster children are also reportedly overmedicated. So it's unsurprising that youth who've worked their way up to outright criminal behavior have racked up enough diagnoses and prescriptions over the years to appear on paper as though they're suffering from a mental illness. In some cases, that's surely true. But particularly with some common diagnoses, often the child's most fundamental problems stem from other issues like, say,  a crappy home life, absent or ineffective parents, poverty, grief, etc..

Recently Grits mentioned the irony that the Texas Youth Commission had prescribed an off-label antipsychotic medication more than 3,000 times during the same period that the AG was suing the company for marketing the drug for use with juveniles without adequate FDA testing. Given such examples and the ubiquity of overmedicating children, I'm not sure it's appropriate to define the number of mentally ill youth by the number receiving some psychoactive drug. Those medication decisions in some instances may tell us more about our society's desire to fix every problem with a pill than they do about the real mental health needs of the majority of Texas youth prison inmates. (Grits can't back that assertion up with data off the top of my head, but that's my sense.)

That said, I also notice Townsend's 52% number is for youth with "at least moderate mental health problems." By contrast, when similar numbers are calculated in the adult system, they only include diagnoses for the three categories of severe mental illness prioritized by the Department of State Health Services - major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. So, though 52% sounds like a much larger number than the 1/4 to 1/3 of offenders with mental illness in the adult system, those aren't apples-to-apples comparisons. Perhaps if you included those with "moderate" mental illness in the adult system, the number would rise above 50% as well. Last week the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee heard testimony that the adult justice system often ignores treatable mental health problems like anxiety disorders that can have as significant a crime-causing effect as the "big three" diagnoses.

What do you think? Are there disproportionately that many more mentally ill inmates in youth prisons than adult ones? Is the statistic misleading because of over-diagnosis and over-prescription? Or are youth inmates being treated at appropriate levels - dealing with "moderate" instead of only "severe" mental illness - and it's the adult system that's underdiagnosed, because the state doesn't document any but the most extreme mental ailments?

Here's the link if you want to watch the 4+ hour hearing for yourself.


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a "moderate mental health diagnosis". Perhaps Cherie Townsend should consult with someone that actually has opened a DSM-IV before making comments on something she has no understanding of.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Well, 9:29, in Texas' state government lexicon, the big three - major depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar - are typically categorized as "severe," which implies others are less severe. I think the distinction she's making is that the cohort described is broader than the "severe" mentally ill category often discussed for adults.

My question would be, does the 52% include "conduct disorder" and related variants? Certainly that's a more "moderate" brand of mental illness than the big three.

rodsmith said...

ONLY 52% hell that's good! I figured the whole bunch of us went nuts YEARS ago. I cant' think of another reason so many crooked self serving retards get elected YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR!

Anonymous said...

Mild, moderate, and severe are terms used to qualify and quantify the symptoms exhibited by diagnoses such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Schizo-affective, and Major Depression. The severity is often and should be correlated with the GAF or Global Assessment of Functioning.

Moderate to Severe would have major impairments to function in normal daily living. Being incarcerated could be considered an impairment and therefore her stats could be somewhat misleading.

Many of the youth committed to TYC or TJJD have been in the probation system and have often had multiple pyschological evals prior to their commitment often with multiple diagnosises. Doctors often use medical algorithms to treat the symptoms the patient might exhibit and therefore if the doctor wants to use ad different algorithm to treat the patient the diagnosis might often change.

I have not worked withe TYC since 2003 but it was common practice to remove or reduce youth from the number of meds they were taking precisely because of the chemical restraint concern the was addressed in Morales vs.Turman. Also, the structured environment allowed some youth to function better. The youth might be placed back on his or her meds if the need was to help improve functioning and not to control behavior. Sidenote: I do recall several parents calling and being worried because the psychiatrist changed the youths diagnosis and were worried about the loss of SSI benefits.

I also wonder what % of the 52% have diagnoses like ADHD or Intermittent Explosive D/O etc... or Axis II diagnosises such as Mental Retardation orDevelopmental disorders on the Autism spectrum?

Just some thoughts.

Anonymous said...

10:18- There is no such diagnosis of Bipolar (mild, moderate, severe)
Or schizophrenia (Mild, moderate or severe.
Point is townsend is talking out of her rear..

Anonymous said...

Being upset is patholigized and drugged, busted for crime is at this time punishment not reform. Since none of these systems really work the amount of crime and "mental illness" continue to escalate. So we fund these failed systems and don't fund teachers and schools? Townsend sounds like she wants more funding for mental health, yeah there's a money pit. How about reforming criminals that can be reformed and simply not labeling and drugging every unpleasant emotion and see how much better society actually gets. We're going broke and our citizens are more apt to walk around with a mental health crutch to explain their not getting on with life, which they more often than not could when push comes to shove AND our education system actually worked. But there is a lot of taxpayer money to be made in this blood-sucking system we have at present.

Anonymous said...

10:46 The "mild, moderate, and severe" describe the level of symptoms and are specifiers for the diagnosis.

For example, with Major Depressive Disorder, 296 is the base code. The specifier, if it is a "single" episode would be a 2 (296.2X) or a 3 for a "recurrent" episode (296.3X) the X represents the severity of symptoms 1 being Mild 2 being moderate 3 being Severe without Psychotic Features and 4 being with Psychotic features.

So a diagnostic code of 296.34 would be Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe with Psychotic Features.

You are correct that with Schizophrenia those specifiers don't apply. That diagnosis has different specifiers. For example 295.30 would be Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type.

The severity of how the mental illness is impacting the individual is measured by the GAF.

Example, If I had a Diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe with Psychotic Features and a GAF of 80 I would worry and question the diagnosis (or the person has recovered well) since usually the GAF of someone with such a diagnosis would be 50 or below i.e. severe impairment.

I do agree with grits that Mental Health is often over diagnosed in youth and symptoms may be better attributed to other stressors such as poor home life, death, divorce, abuse, or other instabilities.


Anonymous said...

Having previously worked with children in foster care, I'm sure there is a certain amount of overdiagnosing and overmedicating. On the other hand, I also know that it can be very difficult, sometimes impossible, to get adequate mental health treatment for children through the community MHMR programs. (reference the case where the Tyler teacher was stabbed). So, I have no doubt that a significant number of TYC inmates have significant mental health problems and that, if they had received better treatment, or in some cases any treatment, they may not have ended up in TYC. The MHMR system is woefully inadequate and, maybe more than anyone else, is to blame for the high rates of incarceration in both the adult and juvenile systems.

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone is getting to see the atypical bullshit you get from MHMR when someone needs services. They give 1 million reasons why can't go to work. Facts are... MHMR has an all or nothing eligibity screening instead of a scale that would actually incorporate moderate mental health issues. Everyone in society is aware that there is no "middle area need" diagnosis. What everyone except MHMR recognizes is that there is a lot of need for MHMR services for other than "SEVERE DIAGNOSIS."

Anonymous said...

By all means, lets get the legislature throw more good money down the drain by creating another "sub" MHMR agency like TACOMA, TACOOMI,...TECACADA. Thereby hiring more administration and personnel so we have twice as many people running around saying "...not eligible for services through MHMR."

Says Who said...

Just out of curiosity, who is determining the percentage of people in prison having MH issues? Surely not the same agency who is saying "...they don't have severe diagnosis.." while in TYC, and who also turn away so many adult offenders saying "...they don't have severe diagnosis..."
Did the Mental Health issues come after or before being incarcerated in Texas Institutional Division?

Dr. Papschmear said...

It is pointless to make the 52% statement when your "treatment" program doesn't treat anything or anyone. Hell, just give 'em another Snickers and a Coke and they'll be fine. 52% in Texas youth prisons: Townsend suffers mental health problems.

Anonymous said...

There is no question that 46 to 48 percent of the TJJD is special education. I wonder how many of these are learning disabled due to MH causes.

Anonymous said...

I think Grits is right. Most of these juveniles have problems due to the stress of a crappy home life. If they have a home/parents, etc.
If we had a psychologist who could work with the kids and their families, I think it would have a far better outcome than a psychiatrist seeing them for 15 minutes and shoving a magic pill(s) down their throat to "cure" them. As a matter of fact, a few people on this site could use a little therapy for their anger issues toward TYC. Hint: No longer here, so get over it.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 52 percent is probably a low estimate. If you include drug addiction, it's probably closer to 100 percent.

L.Roth said...

It should be obvious by now that there is a serious need to reconsider the whole concept of incarceration. Is the main purpose for incarceration punishment and retribution? Is it possible that with treatment and rehabilitation some inmates rejoin society and live a productive life?

Should a paranoid schizophrenia who commits murder be incarcerated for the rest of his life? The prison system does not providing treatment for most schizophrenics. Without treatment and counseling these men and women will present or perhaps cause serious problems in the prison environment and find themselves in SHU or solitary confinement until they get "better".

No one has yet mentioned an often misunderstood and misdiagnosed problem: Tourette's syndrome. The unfortunate souls who suffer with Tourettes are not mentally ill but have a condition that requires medication. In some sufferers it can cause brief but extremely violent verbal and physical outbursts. Like schizophrenia, Tourettes and Seizure disorders are a result of the malfunctioning of the brain not a crappy home life.

Schizophrenics and Tourettes sufferers both require complex medical analysis and constant medication adjustments in the search for an answer. Every person has individual needs that cannot be usually answered by the first and only medication. It is my understanding that our prison system lacks the facilities for any better or proactive treatment.

What a shame? Surely we can do a better job but first we need more public awareness of mental illness itself.

Anonymous said...

The name change did not cure the severe problems in this agency. TYC is still there in employees and administrators. Its easy to say things are different, but things are not different. In many ways things are much worse. The TYC cluture lingers behind a new name.

Anonymous said...

3/08 @11:16,

Please, please don't start another grab-assing waste of time talking about everything under the sun with TYC!

Anonymous said...

My 16 year old son diagnosed with bipolar
/ adhd since 2002 got himself arrested in Oct , I didn't realize disability had idea rules ,so for 8 years the public school system did these write ups , never violent behavior ,just not complying , suspended most of his school years ,due to last suspension they revoked probation, now judge says boot camp , he has a son due in 9 weeks and they ship him 8 hours away , his gf can't talk to him she's under so Much stress , we are scared preterm labor , this judge doesn't believe in mental health and doctors are backed up several months ,Texas reform beat it out of them ,send them back on streets ,mo after care nothing , I wonder how pissed off he comes home not seeing his child's birth .? Can we treat diabetes this way too? This system is a mess , I see crack dealers get slap on hand , Texas is corupt I'm so many ways , sorry for errors I'm on cell , I'm so flipping upset ,I asked is there a treatment closer ? There response not what he needs but ya you can visit , sure 8 hours drive there 45 min visit and 8 hours back , they do this crap on purpose. These boot camps are filled with violent offenders ,nevermind the lawsuits filed on these camps , there is no justice . Not attorney in this town willing to go infront of this judge , so another case of being punished for a disability, soon as this is over, I'm taking my family back home , 8 years to long in this state , if you want a good book get justice system in Texas , its banned here .I wonder why? I hope someone has the means and back up oneday to uncover the truth here, courts Monday , I wonder the emotional pieces ill have to fix a year later , with no after plan from Texas ,his son will be walking ,the loss will be hurtful , he was fully involved ,better then grown men , his school was pure frustration ,he's a freshmen and still have yet to figure that out , his ability is far from highschool , ill have to fix that as well .good old Texas reform

Anonymous said...

Grits, you've done a great job pointing out the problems with diagnosing and drugging. There are no blood tests, brain scans, labs, or X-rays to determine mental illness. It is all in the eye of the beholder. The DSM, especially the workgroups dealing with the popular disorders, was heavily influenced by drug companies according to some studies. And, it is likely that the drug protocols for juvenile justice were influenced by some of the same players exposed during the AG's Risperdal lawsuit. I hope you continue to explore this issue.

Anonymous said...

I say turn all the little rascals loose and then you will have something else to scream about.

cruznad said...

Open one prison for the mentally ill and have what is needed to help them to rehabilitate prior to releasing them without the help that they need. I understand they now need to pay $100 for every doctors appt so i do not see this happening, especially those that are indigent.

Anonymous said...

52% of youth in TJJD suffer mental problems? That is probably 1/2 the percentage of employees that work there with mental illness/problems! You have to be insane to stay on board. The more things change the more they stay the SAME!

Anonymous said...

Townsend (jokingly) speaks of doing away with silos and kingdoms within the agency. LOL!!! They are alive and well and thriving at Ron Jackson - Brownwood. It's the only place I know of that a previous grocery store sacker with less than two years experience can have not one but two positions created and custom fitted for her at Ron Jackson. The latest of which is administrative assistant to the Asst Supt. Her position, and hers alone, comes with greatly reduced campus housing compliments of our great State of Texas! She is riding the coattails of her mommy, who by title only, is the director of the security(ad seg) unit. She is not a dependent child anymore, at least not off the job and should not be allowed to freeload after hours too. Oh and did I mention she walks Superintendent Adamski's dog while he is away? She and mommy also have the luxury of all expenses paid dinners compliments of their neighbor - Adamski himself. Hasn't he learned fraternization with subordinates is unethical especially when you sit on the interview board that has decision making authority as to who gets hired?? Perception is Reality!! The best litmus test of all; If it looks bad, smells bad AND tastes bad, IT SURELY MUST BE BAD..... Shame on you HR and double shame on you Adamski.

Anonymous said...

Grits is correct, after spending 20 years with TYC I can honestly say that the issues these youth have are mostly socioeconomic, lack of a stable home, drug abuse by caregivers, etc., Now the youth at Corsicana (very small percentage) have actual mental disabilities. Townsend is kidding herself and others when she spills this dribble. This is either a justification for a failed system, a reach for additional funding, or a serious lack of knowledge on her part. I would say all three, but I am biased and believe she I a very flawed leader with limited skills other than having connections.

Anonymous said...

The youth of TYC are what the employees made them. Look at your kids in TYC and you see yourselves. YOU made or unmade the youth of Texas. YOU made the crime and YOU must answer for it. Don't blame kids for what you taught them.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

4:13 writes, "I say turn all the little rascals loose and then you will have something else to scream about."

They just did! TYC shuttered facilities and reduced the youth prison population by 2/3 between 2007 and 2011. Whatever screaming about it that's going to happen has already occurred.

Otherwise, thanks to all (at least those who stayed on topic) for an excellent comment string. And BTW when I referred to those "big three" priority diagnoses as severe, I'm not characterizing them clinically but repeating the lexicon with which I've heard lawmakers discuss them (though I appreciate 10:18 clarifying the distinction). As a matter of policy, the state has decided to treat those 3 ailments as a priority over others given limited dollars, at least among adults, but my main point was only that it seems like the cohort Townsend was discussing is broader than that.

I agree if you include substance abuse the number goes much higher, so I doubt that's the source of inflation. And while there's a high number of special ed students in TJJD, special ed isn't equatable with mentally ill, even if there's crossover. You'd have to get much deeper into the weeds with the data to truly flesh out the whys and wherefores, I imagine. Cherie provided enough information to raise the question, but without more data we may only speculate as to the answer.

Anonymous said...

I.don't understand how they say a 20 min exam in a juvinile center center can say what exactly the child has or doesn't have , bipolar wasn't a diagnose that was made with him overnight ,it took years of visits ,so many doctors , journals,.
Yet with there 20 min testing ,they make there own diagnoses.when he got approved for his disability , I had to go to 3 of there doctors at different times ,they summit there finding and take it from there , but one guy 20 min visit ,he's now labeled something else . I'm so frustrated in the justice system , seems there are np rights for children and parents ,

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

Anonymous 03/08/2012 12:30pm
Now in all fairness, I don’t know but one side of the story, and what you have written.
My advice to you is to get your son and get him the f out of this state until after he turns 18. I have seen this technique work saving many lives over the last 30 years. He needs to go live with his uncle Charlie out of Texas who can teach him how to be a man. Sounds like he’s aged out of that prison pipeline the state of Texas is trying to pass off as public high school.

You may have already figured this out. Your son is nothing more than an inventory number that allows people who would otherwise not have jobs to earn a meager wedge profiting from the misery of others. 8 hours away to a boot camp, who are they kidding besides themselves? If what he was put on “juvi probation” for was so bad they would have wanted to revoke and send him to the states prison prep school, tjjd. Instead they want to send him to some private hell hole with no accountability far away from family like in the movie Holes. He is being set up to fail. They who proposed this are the ones needing help. Like how to be a civilized decent human beings. They need the numbers but your son does not have to be one of them. And obviously they can’t help him, statistically will only make him worst. Your unborn grand baby deserves better.

What so many citizens fail to understand, and the morons who profit by it won’t tell you is this is truly a war on the people of this state. Like the pusillanimous terrorist homicide bombers they go after the kids by building a pipeline to prison within the public schools. When you fight a war you must be prepared, whether it’s overcoming junk science like polygraphs and drug test or in the case of a juvenile just going off the radar until they age out.

From what you have written your son has a significant other and baby on the way he wants to care for, and we the tax payers don’t need the closed minded Texas criminal processing system getting in the gd way. As a tax payer, it’s costing us enough money with these gd people who cant think their way out of a wet paper sack getting in the way.

I wish your son the best of luck and may The Almighty watch over him and his family and protect them from the monsters of the Texas juvenile criminal processing system a legislated family violation system.

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

“Medication for your retardation” was echoed in the day room as the call for the pill line was announced 4 times a day.

Those old hog farmers in the gates-vile days used Mellaril a Thioridazine as chemical restraints prescribed by a shrink named Dr Smith who wore his bifocals upside down. Tell him you’re anxious and you get dosed twice a day, tell him you like to fight and you can get dosed 4 times a day.

Staff would keep some kids from the pill line on gladiator night because of the gambling involved. Getting on the pill line was the best; and from what I continue to hear from alumni across the decades it’s still the best way to get paroled out of that mashugus of a state agency.

Mellaril would make you horney so you would masturbate a lot. Of course back then staff wouldn’t get jealous and write you up like they have over the last several decades. There were also some similar issues with this drug that the Grits article discusses. According to therapist I saw in the 80’s the root of my drug problem was from the use of Mellaril provided by tyc sudo medical staff. I didn’t need drugs or alcohol to escape prior to tyc or in the last 30 years thanks to professionals getting to the root of the problem. Historically tyc has created a very high percentage of drug addicts. Then again I wasn’t violent prior to my first stay at gates-vile.

So if the old hog farmers of gates-vile benefited from chemical restraints with a 40 to 1 ratio why wouldn’t a more lazy and ignorant culture of today’s tjjd staff not want to benefit from chemical restraints with a meager 12 to 1 ratio. And I’m sure it makes it easy for staff to practice pedophilia on the young boys in their charge.

One thing is for sure that never changes when it comes to tjjd/tyc.
Those in charge think they have a clue but in reality they don’t. Those that say they have a clue just want to bitch. Kids come out more screwed up than when they went. And no one really gives a damn. This alumnus is still waiting to meet an intelligent life form associated with tyc/tjjd, consultant, legislator, staff someone other than an alumnus.

How’s the latest name change working out for you people, act of genius or just another cover-up. Hint the only genius involved was the cover-up.

The kids coming out of tc/tjjd are a reflection of the staff. How true. They will have to get real help to rejoin socity.

Anonymous said...

Sheldon. With youer mentality, you will soon rejoin your freinds behinds bars. Sorry, but true.

Anonymous said...


Amen! Folks who went through the holocaust don't exhibit the vile criminal thinking spewed from his filthy mouth, and the abuse was far worse than anything suffered in TYC.

Anonymous said...

I’ve worked in juvenile justice for over 20 years and have worked with Sheldon. One thing I and most of us can say that Sheldon is right with what he says. Its how he says it that angers people.

Sheldon, you are a product of TYC so the holocaust analogy just stands to show the very truths you point out, people are ignorant. I know you to be a very intelligent person, so let me explain something to you. We in this business of Criminal Justice are only capable of managing the problem; none of us are not equipped to solve the problem. Mostly because we have way too many rouge regimes doing whatever they please. You are correct about the name change and history will repeat itself. Think about our prisons being a reflection of our society. Think about that society of people who run our Justice system and our prisons. After all the hard work you have done to distance yourself from that do you really want to continue to anger people like the anonymous posters above. It may be time to back off. And if I were you I’d stay out of Gatesville and forget that state boy reunion and that blog of yours. Some things are better left alone.

Anonymous said...

Our superintendent here at Giddings was relieved of his duties yesterday. While I understand he was not always around when needed I find it ironic the Central Office Administration believe he is the problem with this place.
Let's tart with the merging of TYC and Probation, Whitmires Said by making this move we would save the State a lot of money, well they did away with maybe 10 positions up there. Most positions that were open they just did away with, big savings my ass. CO is now larger than ever.
The reason our Superintendent was made to leave has to do with ineffective programming, why is it so difficult for Townsend to realize this. If your aware of a problem and fail to address it, your part of the problem

Anonymous said...

Was that Stan D?

Anonymous said...

Townsend is a fool.

Anonymous said...

She may well be but our Governor must like her, he placed her there. Yep Stan D
The Board Members also must be easily misled as well

Sheldon tyc#47333 said...

pussanonymous 3/11 11:09 Your statement is simply retarded. I’m not sorry as you say you are. But it’s true, your statement is retarded.

Holocaust survivors pussanonymous 3/12 1:45, really, what on earth do you know about holocaust survivors. Thousands of wealthy Jewish teens descend on Poland for the March of the Living tour on Yom haShoa and told not to spend money on schlock while there. Tell me that’s not worst than a few little truths I point out about state sponsored pedophilia in tyc/tjjd.

pussanonymous 3/12 6:57 Not sure what to say about your comment. I will be posting on the Gatesville blog tonight in your dishonor. What’s been allowed to go on in that hillbilly town over the last 120 years is very wrong. It needs to be exposed.

So what happened to Stan D was he about to blow the whistle on a protected pedophile or just get way to exposed hob knobbing with the inventory?

Anonymous Mom, did you get your kid out of Texas yet?

Anonymous said...

Gosh I really can't top the last post by Sheldon, so I will not try.
I saw a post that referred to the board of TJJD and would like to know how active they have been on others campuses. At Giddings they have shown up more than usual, but they really don't seem to grasp the issue of programming. They do not understand that when a 17 year old youth pulls his penis out during med line that there are no consequences, that when a youth assaults a staff or peer there is no consequence. Basically if this youth is a stage 4 he will remain a stage four. Maybe, just maybe if this same youth hit you up side your head maybe ths wold open your eyes. But I doubt this, we have been stating ths to Cherie now for 3 years and she does not get it. Now there is a provision if you receive serious bodily injury consequences will ensue, s basically your ass better be et down pretty severe before anything happens

Anonymous said...

The change at Giddings was per Board member from Fort Bend. He is calling alot of the shots right now for some reason. Once he gets started its hard to get him stopped.

Guess the board training didnt stick like it should have.

She just needs to watch her back.

Anonymous said...

A misdemeanor, turn revoke over a suspension that should have never happened , you are so right ,setting them up for failure , he's never had violant bone in his body but that's what they used in court ,I finally spoke up cut the.judge and attorney off . He is still sitting in juvi ,almost 6 Damn weeks, I believe he has served his time .he's gf 7 weeks away from having there son, stressed and depressed.I give her all I can.obviously not the same as her being there, the day he missed first appointment ever ,was the 3 d ultrasound, I was able to show his he ,broke down ,I've never seen him this upset ,after visitation he went to his cell very distraught ,he said he just wanted to be alone , when the supervisior of his po came in and saw an open wound so he felt man enough to stick him harder,saying you won't see your baby toot gf or your family for a whole year ,really is this guy that ruthless and low ,I've never felt so angry and frustrated I am have been with this system , I see kids failing ui walking out the door, also a teen been on po for the 7 th time stolen car ,up the tree ,fled from seen and walk away , as my son sits in jail over nothing, I'm exhausted, I'm fighting cancer ,sleepless searching the net for answers, wondering why ,,,,I'm worried about his gf and son on the way , she hasnt gained much weight ,she won't leave the house ,she can't even visit him in the jail , I see 30 yr old guys run from there pregnant gf everyday , this boy never missed appointment till this past week , fully involved all the way and they take him away to a camp full of violent offenders ,cause they believe that bipolar can be reformed ,beat it out of him , I wonder if they can do the same for my cancer or diabetes,
I'm exhausted and very upset ,I have taken all I can ,I might just end up in jail myself for contempt, I have been in this state 9 years ,I never new the dirty justice system till now ,this state has there own laws but they have to realize federal has there own too ,if they just want someone to thrown in jail ,hell let my son go my dieing sick ass will take his place ,

Anonymous said...

I wish ,id leave right from the court house ,and to those that say its a crutch ,I understand there a lot of people who have learned to ride a free ride but that doesn't mean turn your head on everyone ,I myself am a hard working mom ,I don't receive food stamps or cash assistance.I work for what we have , my child was born 16 years ago ,he didn't speak to much later then his siblings,his learning ability became a huge disability, as far as home life, there was never abuse and stability was key ,he has a tic of movements ,I was always the person that didn't want the chemicals for my son ,but later on in life it was not what I wanted but what he needed , just like your headaches or pms you try to make it easier , I don't have him doped up as you call it , I pray one day you don't get in that car wreck ,need that pain meds ,or even oxygen from a tank ,its society if some of these kids don't have the means then ,I guess we build a big camp and toss them in there ,see no evil hear no evil ,a burden on yall , your mom that suffers through cancer hell put her in there too ,why waste my tax dollars I don't care about your family ,when I came to Texas ,that all I have seen churches ,god and love but,as I found out its control ,greed and money ,the church is just a nice cover up ,now gather up the sick ,the old and the mental and form them in a line ,one by one put them in this camp ,this.

Anonymous said...

Id like to add that the mental testing they give these children is basic iq and direct observation test which is suited to study opposition defiant disorder , if they kids can't even be given the right testing to find the problem that is really there ,then how can we reform them to a better life ,my child was first diagnosed with adhd many years ago and as teenager years came about it was more bipolar due to family history , the court had a counselor assess him knowing he's been diagnosed and ofcoarse his findings was exactly what the court wanted ,him to say ,well Mr counseler your not even a phd and further more 20 mins with my son is not enough to say so ,also suicidal thought and depression are not in od ,or how about the many days of very little rest ,I'm horrified knowing how they treat these children , a mis diagnosed child ,and they pay the price and sit in a system that complains about wasted money ,when if properly diagnosed and right medicine these kids could live a normal life ,this idiot says my sons not bipolar cause he's not violent lol, if a child is bipolar and violent they possible carry another diagnoses ontop of first , then he says his iq is to high ,its a chemical imbalance he's not stupid ,this system is a mess due to this .I wonder how many children there are that just need a real proper diagnoses and the right meds . So a simple diagnoses that can be treated is now put into a justice system that feels they can beat it out of them .instead they choose a bootcamp ,these children leave with one diagnose and come back with three ,its cruel and inhuman ,kids are put on suicide watch at there facility ,there checked ever 5 mins , they fight themselfs cause everything they have said your turning around and telling them they don't feel that way , I myself went many years against giving son medicine ,the choice I had was losing him to suicide or giving him 2 pills a day , now he's going emotionally and mental insane ,denied medicine and doctor ,8 weeks having the court telling him what he feels and what he is ,belittling him every chance they get ,first off there kids ,then they have a disorder and he hears you call him minipulitve,which he's never been. Unlike yall who have lied to him and us ,calling in the office telling us and him its best he get released so he can see his doctor and get on medicine ,then turn around in court and do the opposite ,as I have sleepless nights hearing my sons phone calls and visits ,knowing he's suicidal , he asked me today ,mom am I minipulitve? Am I that bad ? I said son no you are who you are and there brainwashing you ,he said should I just agree so I can see my doctor and get meds . I said honey why would you agree with anyone that is saying false information,I could bring anyone that knows you hear they would disagree with there findings.they are missing the big 2 things that say bipolar which is the sleep habits and suicidal thoughts .if you want to complain about money and the cost for mental health for these kids ,blame yourselfs if they had right diagnose they would have a chance to move forward with proper care ,no harm to a child which means mentally or physically and yet over looking and not treating then adding on to there mental state is what's costing the state tons of money,right dianoses and treatment I bet half them kids wouldn't be back again ,but them kids are you crutch ,your excuse for wasted money ,when really its your job security and also the fact over half of these kids go to boot camp in another county that pays you for them , then there ignored of the real issue and come back with more harm done ,emotionally ,mentally and physically all for your benefit ,don't tell people your looking for reform its a crock of crap ,reform is to improve not to create and damage more .I pray for not only my child but the others that have lived this for years ,

Anonymous said...

I guess mine didn't get approved my last statement that is ,simple you say you evaluate that ,jokes you give them a test called direct observation which is well suited to study children with opposition defiant disorder .that is not testing for bipolar or other disorders ,so if you evaluated them right with right disorders they can work on reform with right meds and doctors ,