Friday, November 09, 2012

Jailers fired after ugly inmate death

The lede to this Nov. 7 Houston Chronicle story sums it up: "Two jailers and a deputy have been fired for failing to help a 72-year-old mentally ill inmate who died after one of the jailers slugged him in the face and left him bleeding in a Harris County jail cell, recently obtained records show." Read the whole thing. One of the more depressing episodes inside a big-city Texas jail in recent memory. Here's hoping the terminations survive the civil service process.


rodsmith said...

Now that's a hell of a punishment.

KILL someone under color of authority.....get fired!

we'd be UNDER the friggin jail and they wonder why more and more of them are getting removed vilently

RAS said...

Perhaps they should turn allof TDCJ over to county ops.

Anonymous said...

I am simply amazed that these guys are still alive. I would have straight up murdered them, after a bit of torture, of course, if it had been my family member. Or maybe put a bounty on their heads.

sunshine said...

I'm surprised they got fired. When my brain damaged grandson was there he was denied his meds so he was too loud and they handcuffed him and three of them beat the hell out of him with their elbows and then denied my visits to him until the bruises that showed went away.

rodsmith said...

i'm with you 1:33 would be worth their life to kill one of my animals.... a family member well i'd probably go after the retard who did the deed and the ones who spawned them as well.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually read the article by the Chronicle's James Pinkerton?

I just tried to and was going to read it again but couldn't. It seems to be written by a person with several personalities or by two or three people that wrote one or two sentences each. No links to previous deaths is also odd. Despite the article's wierdness, this has been going on for decades with only the victim's names' having changed. And still, no cameras, making it a - "the dead man did this and I did this" and it's over.

Note: before the color police come out swinging the race card, let me assure you that the dried human blood on the floor & walls of the HC Jail is a mixture of all shades of pigmentation. And like it or not, most of it is from inmate on inmate violence that Pinky won't touch even if you take him there and point it out. I've seen black deputies stomp on black inmates while white deputies kick the shit out of little tiny white people covered in AJAX. I've also seen inmates return the favor in more ways than one. The lessor of the revenge tactics is more feces and urine in the free food program provided to deputies and their privates. And special plates marked for those that take other inmates food. Yum-yum.

*Going in as anon. due to these bastards being murders and all. They'll be at the poolhall today and using spare time to see whos talking shit about them. Even if someone threw shit at them as they enter or exit the courts, it won't be good enough, but it'll send a stinky message.