Friday, November 16, 2012

Round the blogs: Judge and jail edition

Here are links to a number of recent items from Texas Prison Bidness which deserve Grits readers' attention:
See also from Paul Kennedy, "Just another death at the Harris County Jail."

See Mark Bennett and Murray Newman dissecting Harris County judicial election outcomes.

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Anonymous said...

11/17/2012 Texarkana Gazette CEC Terminates Agreement With Bowie County

August 2012 US Marshals removed federal inamtes from the county jail and are now housing at Gregg County. Costing Bowie County $6100per day in revenue.

Harris Coounty inmates removed in 2011 costing the county 1.6 million annually.

Bowie County lost $4 million last fiscal year on the jail with about $2 million in income and $6 million in expenses.

Cell phones, escapes, etc. not mentioned in the story as reason Check it out.

Layoffs expected.