Wednesday, July 10, 2013

FCC webcast today on inmate phone service

For those interested in the always-hot topic of inmate phone service, particularly the unconscionably high rates charged by some vendors to inmate families, Cindy George at the Houston Chronicle brings word of an all-day webcast today on the subject. Here are the details:
In a daylong workshop beginning at 8 a.m. CST [sic: surely CDT] on Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission will explore the possibility of new regulations that could potentially cap state-to-state rates and eliminate per-call charges as well as examine policy issues related to inmate phone services.

A live webcast will be available at and click here for the full agenda. Viewers can submit questions to

A “consumers and public policy” panel will explore impacts of inmate calling fees on society and individuals, rate reform and increasing contact between incarcerated individuals and their families.

Spurred by pleas from inmates and their loved ones, Acting FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn urged a look at new regulations.

“It’s a justice issue, it’s a civil liberties issues, it’s an issue of trying to keep families as intact as possible,” she said in the McClatchy story. “This is a situation that cries out for attention.”


Anonymous said...

hey GRITS.....please investigate what is going on at EVINS TJJD facility. 3 Juvenile Correction Officers arrested......approx 20 employees (JCOs or whom) walked out the gate.....What gives?

NCIC said...


Did you watch the FCC workshop live? It will also be available to view by early next week.

I was at the workshop and thought it was a good job by both parties on pleading their cases, although some comments were coming from "left field".

You are absolutely right that this has been a longtime coming and is definitely needed. Unfortunately there was not a lot of participation from the inmate phone industry, so it appears the masses will rely on the work of the 4 phone providers that attended and hope for the best.

If I had to guess, this issue is about to start building some momentum. It's obvious that Chairman Clyburn is going to get this ramrodded through fairly quickly, at least in FCC terms of time.

Thanks for posting!

Bill Pope
NCIC Inmate Phone Services

Unknown said...

This issue regarding inmate phone services should be addressed at the earliest. This is clearly a denial of human rights.