Thursday, January 16, 2014

Balko: 'Two-and-a-half cheers for Dallas Police Chief David Brown'

The topic of police union attacks on Dallas Police Chief David Brown was on Grits' to-do list to write about tomorrow morning but Radley Balko beat me to the punch at his new blog at the Washington Post (congrats on that, btw). With only minor caveats, I pretty much agree with his comments down the line so just go read the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

It's probably a good idea to comment or reply as shadows due to the hundreds of cops that vented at the their clubhouse. One or two might just be bored enough to jack with those that dare speak up about trigger happy shooters.

I was looking for the most recent policy / procedure change (to post) made by Chief Brown that basically got little to no play in the media or blogs. The one that assisted the cops to the point that makes them look stupid when they say the command staff is against them. Looking in archives or maybe its in the DMN trash heap?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@12:05, are you talking about this policy change? If so, I totally agree. Balko did mention it, too, which is why he gave 2-1/2 cheers instead of three.