Monday, June 09, 2014

Jail poetry kickstarter funded

I received an email from Kelsey Erin Shipman - the creative writing instructor who teaches a poetry class in the Trafis County Jail - to say "thank you" to donors and report that the limited edition prison-poetry books by her students "will be printed and mailed in early July." She added, "I would like to offer a special thank you to contributors from Grits For Breakfast -- you all swept in and saved the day!" Her reference was to this Grits post promoting her kickstarter campaign in its dwindling hours. Readers of this blog responded, bumping the project well past her goal of $500 to finally close out at $821.

So, consider yourselves thanked, people. And thanks from me as well for helping her out. Well done.


Anonymous said...

Prose and Cons

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Okay, that's funny! The young Eddie Murphy and the old-school typewriters date it. I especially loved the inmate being drug away to solitary by guards for engaging in "plagiarism."

Thomas R. Griffith said...

Grits, that was very nice on your behalf and it's 'us' that should be thanking 'you' for your many acts of kindness done on behalf of others.

Some of us are all for anything that get's the inmates out of their bunks and / or keeps them busy enough to stay out of trouble. Students that graduate from the poetry classes will be able to take their new found love or art into the freeworld and use it for good. Good conduct records are kept while in jail, so this should go along way in receiving a less harsh punishment in regards to those that use jail time to play grab ass games.

Some will put their poetry to music and make it big in the music & video industry. Some will put their works into book form and make it big as a best seller. Some may become student aides and teach classes themselves. Some will use their poetry in place of stale pick-up lines and end up married with children. Some will use their new found love of the art in speeches that rattle crowds into voting for them or others. Some might use poetry on a bully and change everything. Some will refuse to utilize the option to use the time in jail to better themselves and will make fun of those that attempt to. As evil loves to keep company of like minded evil, poetry can keep evil at bay or put it off balance long enough to get away from it.

In closing, please let us know if & when she embarks on a mission to hold freeworld classes. We all could use a little poetry in our lives and learning the art should be on our bucket & gift giving lists. Thanks.