Wednesday, June 11, 2014

'Right on Crime' seeks world domination

Did you do as much last month as the conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation and its Right on Crime campaign to combat overcriminalization and mass incarceration? (See their newsletter.)

If not, shame on you. Work harder. Here's video of former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese praising them at a "leadership summit" in Washington D.C. in late May, along with the ubiquitous Newt Gingrich, and former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinnelli. The gathering even received a video message from Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who gave Marc Levin a by-name shout out. (The event was covered by TIME magazine, Huffington Post, and CNN, among others. Richard Viguerie spoke favorably of the movement on C-SPAN's Washington Journal. And anti-tax activist Grover Norquist published a joint column in Time magazine with Move-On co-founder Joan Blades calling for a reversal of mass-incarceration policies.

Some newsletter, huh? Congrats, Marc and Co., on the continued success of this unlikely pursuit.

In April, Right on Crime's Marc Levin tag-teamed with Ana Correa from the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition to give a forum conducted by the Legislative Budget Board a Right-Center perspective of what criminal justice may look like next session. See their presentations here (pdf).


Patrick Butler said...

According to the Texas Public Policy Foundation slide show, the foundation is backing repeal of the Texas Driver Responsibility program. Hooray for them.

Anonymous said...

I did my part--I sent some e-mails but, just like Lois Lerner I lost them all.