Thursday, July 17, 2014

'Pandering to lurid curiosity': Professional journalism and crime coverage

From the new, proposed ethics code for the Society of Professional Journalists: "Avoid pandering to lurid curiosity or following the lead of those who do."

Without "pandering to lurid curiosity," would there even be a crime section?

Give the code a read. Use the comments to name Texas journalists you think live up to its provisions, or don't.


Brian Urban said...

If the media stopped pandering to lurid curiosity, there would be no CNN, Faux (Fox) News, etc

Anonymous said...

And local TV news would barely have anything left but sports and weather.

Anonymous said...

Timely. I browsed to Grits this morning with hopes of reading your take on the Steven Brand vs. Travis County complaint filed in the Western district... call it lurid curiosity on my part!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

RE: Steven Brand, I've only seen the press coverage but I'm not surprised at the allegations. The Travis DA has a poor record on police accountability dating back to when Rosemary was Ronnie Earle's first assistant. Maybe Brand's case will provide a peek behind the curtain as to why.