Saturday, August 02, 2014

Staffing the zoo: Prosecutors bail on McLennan DA

Prosecutors and staff at the McLennan County District Attorney's Office are jumping ship, reported the Waco Tribune Herald, with three prosecutors leaving in the last week - including DA Abel Reyna's first assistant, Greg Davis - and eight employees total departing since the new year. Nobody's saying why they bailed but it's not hard to guess. (Budget cuts, rising workloads, unreasonable plea policies, maybe?) If you don't like sweeping shit, don't work at the zoo.

Readers with any direct or even second-hand knowledge of the situation, please regale us in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The legal field is over-saturated with attorneys. Undoubtedly these roles will be filled immediately. Plenary of 'yes' men in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you tautology-man
Newsflash--"legal field filled with attorneys!"

Anonymous said...

I disagree with ur comparison to a "zoo". Segrest had honorable people and worked with the whole CJ system, wasnt perfect but more effective. Mighty Mouse's regime is
imploding. He ran on "put all in jail by god" (the oldest political trick one can take) and
is autocratic and shallow. Karma is a hard pill to swallow when ur not open to change.

Anonymous said...
Then attorney, Abel Reyna, offered to take this case for $20,000, in 2007.
Since becoming DA, he/his staff won't give me the time of day!
I accosted him on his FB page. I was asked to come in to meet with Asst Jarrett....only to get 'Smoke blown up my ass'!
I'm no longer allowed to comment on the DA'sFB page.
The facts of my son's death haven't changed since Reyna agreed on $20,000, which I didn't have. Now, Joshua doesn't matter.
After 8+ years, I am 99% certain that McGregor police murdered him!