Friday, August 22, 2014

Creepy sci-fi corrections tech in sight

Grits observed recently that the the most notable examples of successful wearable tech businesses arguably have been in the corrections field. Similarly, when I see articles like this one about healthy people being microchipped with a RFID to access day to day items, I can't really imagine many average people wanting to do that of their own accord. But as an alternative to prison? A lot of folks might say "yes."

I'm not advocating it. I'm saying it will be advocated; the tech exists now.

MORE: Here's a philosophy prof working on a paper entitled ‘Cyborg justice: punishment in the age of transformative technology’

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The Homeless Cowboy said...

I'm Sorry Grits, but there is simply no way I could accept having that type of thing in my person. I see them making this mandatory soon for every person that is arrested and jailed. It will be touted as a way to track the criminal element, then soon after it will be "If you are a law abiding citizen why would you object" and the police state grows on and on we are living more and more in a militarized police state mentality in the larger cities across the Nation and quite honestly it IS a bit creepy as you stated. I am quite fearful of the ramifications of the cities and the State being able to monitor every minute of every persons life and I am sure that the same groups of the elite that are exempt from things like Obama care will be exempt from this rfid monitoring chip. Of course we have not even breached the subject of the 666 or religious prohibitions of this type of thing. It would be my humble opinion that it would be a heinous violation of my rights to worship as I please to have some official state entity demand I accept the Mark of the Beast that will condemn me to eternity in hell. Now that is simply my religious belief, no one else is required to believe as I do. Welcome to America. I'm not mad at you if you believe differently and I certainly will not ever want to remove another persons head for their religious beliefs. People who do that are Morons. Anyway Im not getting on that soapbox today. I simply want to be on record that this is a stupid concept and being so will no doubt be eaten up by police mentality drone like followers of the authority gods. (SHEESH)