Monday, November 10, 2014

How graffiti artists can ingratiate themselves with the community

Awesome graffiti idea out of Chicago, if we can stretch the concept to call it that; an upgrade from an earlier, sarcastic version. Not quite as warm and fuzzy as these gals from Houston, but it certainly opens up, or rather fills up, new spaces in the urban canvas. I bet nobody complains!

BTW, since we're on the topic of graffiti, Cardiff, Wales sponsored something called the Empty Walls festival in which skilled graff artists were invited to fill up large, plain walls with enormous murals. Though press coverage naturally focused on an engorged horse penis that drew complaints in one of numerous murals (and was apparently altered by the artist to geld the offending animal), most of the art I've seen from the event was pretty great. See a few examples below the jump:

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