Sunday, March 01, 2015

Ted Cruz's Great Pot Flip Flop

Someone apparently, finally told Texas' Sen. Ted Cruz that Colorado is a swing state in presidential elections, because he's flip flopped on whether the state should be allowed to legalize pot without an act of Congress.

Last year he said Colorado's experiment was "fundamentally dangerous to the liberty of the people." Now, he says he views legal pot in Colorado as the "embodiment of what Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called the laboratories of democracy," though he emphasized that he disagrees with their choice.

At least he's flip flopping in a pro-Tenth Amendment direction. One day, perhaps our junior senator will utter an opinion with relevance to Texas. He appears to spend neither much time nor attention in the state since beating David Dewhurst, but every time I turn around he's giving speeches in Iowa, South Carolina, Colorado. He's ignoring Texas to such an extent that a Wisconsin governor could beat him here in the 2016 presidential primary.

But at least he's taken the time to adopt both sides of the issue on federal pre-emption of drug laws in a jurisdiction he doesn't represent. That was certainly a productive use of political capital.


Anonymous said...

He'll say whatever "libertarian" thing he wants, but if he got into the White House he'd Obey The Corporation, as Obama did (and still does).

Anonymous said...

We need a politician to create a bill that forbids out of state travel during one's tenure. If one isn't happy with the office they currently hold, they should be required to resign prior to seeking another. To hold one while seeking another allows one to be paid to campaign on behalf of yourself and others. It's Frigging wrong.

Perry the Great spent the last year of his governorship in other states, and we didn't even miss him. Which is why I ask - do we really need a governor at all?

As for Cruz, it was all but over for him the very moment the Spanish speaking community found out he's a Canadian. Too bad the ones that voted for him didn't research prior to voting and of course that goes for those that vote straight ticket. In Ted's World, flipping is bidness as usual. aaa.