Sunday, March 08, 2015

'Texas prosecutes more truancy cases than all other states combined"

See articles from the liberal Texas Observer and the conservative Breitbart News covering a new report issued last week by Texas Appleseed which included the finding touted in the headline. Nice to see bipartisan support as the Lege prepares to consider the issue: The newly created House Juvenile Justice and Family Issues Committee will hear several truancy related bills at their meeting on Wednesday.


Arce said...

Get them a criminal record while young. Most are minority or poor, so establish something early to show they are likely guilty of whatever gets charged.

Anonymous said...

If the desire is to keep them from getting a "criminal history" then placing truancy cases into the juvenile justice court setting will not work. Put the emphasis on schools to PREVENT truancy cases from even being filed. Most instances kids aren't going to school due to some socio-economic situation. Solve that issue and you will see a rise in attendance in many cases.

Anonymous said...

They are illegal invaders. Send them back across the border.