Thursday, April 09, 2015

Nearly 2/3 of Texas House supports warrants for cell phone location data

When state Rep. Bryan Hughes laid out HB 2663 requiring the government to obtain a warrant to get location data from cell phone carriers in the House Criminal Jurisprudence Committee tonight, he announced the bill had 97 joint and coauthors! Congrats to Hughes and the volunteer team at the Texas Electronic Privacy Coalition who helped put together this broad, bipartisan coalition.


Anonymous said...

How many cell phone users are there on the House committee?

Robert Langham said...

I'm sure no Texas lawman, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the State and US, much less the Feds with THEIR oath, would ever get within 100 feet of any device that tracks innocent Texans without a court warrant in hand.

Unless their oath means nothing, in which case they ought to turn in those badges in shame.