Saturday, May 23, 2015

Abbott: Texas intends to comply with federal prison rape regs

Reversing course from Gov. Rick Perry's rash decision last year, Gov. Greg Abbott announced that Texas will seek to fully comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, reported the Texas Tribune. Readers may recall this blog broke the story about Perry's decision to thumb his nose at this federal law whose origins, ironically, lie in Texas.

Abbott's statement does not immediately evelop Texas in the bosom of federal compliance, reported Patrick Svitek, because, "Under the PREA, governors also have to guarantee they will use at least five percent of justice department grant money in their efforts to fully meet the law's requirements — something Abbott did not do."

Still, this is a major reversal. If the governor had issued his decree five months ago, it would have put a lot more pressure on the state to pass raise-the-age legislation which died an ignominious and unnecessary death in the Texas House. Texas county jails housing 17 year olds must soon renovate and boost staffing to comply with PREA juvenile standards.

If, heaven forbid, Texas ends up in a special session over the budget or anything else, this turn of events argues for the governor to add "raise the age' legislation to the call.

MORE: Here's related coverage from the New York Times, which concluded:
Last year, Texas was one of six “renegade states,” as inmate advocates called them. Two of them, Florida and Indiana, opted into the national effort to eliminate prison rape this year, submitting accepted assurances.

It is unclear what the three others, Arizona, Idaho and Utah, did. The Justice Department’s list of certifications and assurances is not complete.
AND MORE: From the Marshall Project.

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PAPA said...

Thank you Governor Abbott! Prison is the punishment for breaking the law, BUT, no where is it written that an Inmate's punishment includes RAPE! RAPE is a CRIME and anyone doing it "WE THE PEOPLE" "demand" they go to prison for no less than 20-30 years plus have to register for LIFE; Inmate on Inmate RAPE become a LIFE sentence for those that do it and if they are already serving a LIFE sentence then they get executed, WHY, because RAPIST murder's a human beings emotional well being, their soul, their spirit and their physical life because there is NO getting over it,yes you can learn to live with it, BUT NO GETTING OVER RAPE, RAPE is there for life; therefore, the sentence should be the same as if it is murder a person has committed and that includes staff working in any type of detention centers, law enforcers, judges, attorneys, and on and on the list goes...