Sunday, May 31, 2015

Lieber: TDCJ, DPS linked by opacity policies

At the Dallas News, columnist David Lieber documented the ouster of former TDCJ flak Michelle Lyons, a development discussed on Grits back in February.

Lieber portrayed the episode as part of a pattern across justice agencies, having "recently told the story of how the Texas Department of Public Safety’s public information department isn’t always forthcoming." Similarly, he wrote, "Lyons says she got crosswise with TDCJ administrators because they decided she was too open with the news media, and, by extension, the general public. They wanted to clamp down on public information, too, she says."


Anonymous said...

I have tried to use the PIA(Public Information Act) with DPS and YES they are very hard to get info out of,(so much for the sunshine act) !


Anonymous said...

I tried to reach the new man, Jay and he refused to talk to me. What more are they hiding? Seems like Injustice to me!!!!!

Unknown said...

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