Monday, November 02, 2015

AP: Hundreds of cops lost licenses for sexual misconduct, dozens in Texas

The Associated Press performed an investigation into police officers who lost their licenses over sexual misconduct, finding 1,000+ cases over six years in 41 states. See the list, the narrative, and a discussion of their methodology.

In Texas, "The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement decertified 619 officers [from 2009-2014], 79 for sex-related misconduct. Agencies are required to report officer arrests to the state, though not the cause of those arrests. Decertification can happen when an officer is convicted or found to have committed noncriminal misconduct."

Compared to less populous states with more robust licensing and reporting schemes, though, perhaps the numbers should be even higher. (AP acknowledges the 1,000 number "is an undercount.") During the same period, Florida "decertified 2,125 officers, 162 for sex-related misconduct," while Georgia "decertified 2,800 officers, 161 for sex-related misconduct." Do we really imagine that Texas cops' misconduct rates are so much lower, or are disciplinary processes in those states more effective and transparent? My money's on the latter.

Of course, decertification doesn't happen in every case of sexual misconduct, so all these data fail to include officers who are disciplined, or even fired, for sexual misconduct, but not decertified.


DEWEY said...

Of all the officers decertified for "sexual misconduct", how many (if any) were sent to prison and/or have to register as sex offenders ??

He's Innocent said...

Well Dewey, my spouse is one of those officers. Yet, he did not actually download the 3 photos, nor had he ever seen them before he was presented with a photo of a child and asked if he'd ever seen the child before. In fact, to this day, 6 years after conviction, 3 years in prison, 9 more years of probation, weekly SO counseling, and zero job prospects,he has never seen 2 of the three images he was convicted of possessing. I can assure you that there are former officers who are registered SO's.

At least he's not Jimmy Fennell - who likely killed Stacy Stites but someone else will die for it. Fennell will be out of prison by 2018 without close supervision. I would want him around me.

So please do not make blanket judgements of cops who are now registered. Citizens. Until you or a loved one of yours is convicted of a trumped up BS sexual charge, please, reserve your labels and assumptions.

An open mind would be welcome.

He's Innocent said...

Okay, I should have proof read my entry above.

I would NOT want Jimmy Fennell around me. (yet, many of my circle are SO's I am unafraid of). Fennell is currently in TDCJ for sexually assaulting a woman, while on duty, as a Georgetown PD officer.

HE is the type of person you should be afraid of. Most others, yeah, no.

Anonymous said...

I have had more than a few officers in Sex Offender Treatment Therapy. All were required to register as offenders and were on probation. Some did jail time as well.