Sunday, November 22, 2015

NIJ on 'Sentinel Event Reviews'

Grits' new contributing writer Jennifer Laurin recently informed readers about "sentinel event" research, which aims to discover the source of system errors, in the context of Texas' Timothy Cole Exoneration Review Commission. So I was pleased to learn from The Crime Report that earlier this month, "the [National Institute of Justice] Sentinel Event Initiative Team released Paving the Way: Lessons Learned in Sentinel Event Reviews, a report on the lessons learned by three pioneering 'beta sites.'" The document focuses not on the policy lessons learned in those jurisdictions but the structures and processes they engaged in to analyze them. See an earlier NIJ report on sentinel review.

Several prominent people have praised Prof. Laurin's earlier post to me, incidentally; it's gotten a lot of folks thinking, so I wanted to at least put the NIJ links in front of readers. The next meeting of Texas exoneration commission is on December 10.

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