Friday, December 23, 2016

Who at Fort Worth PD wore Stormtrooper look better?

Fort Worth PD was the subject of two viral videos this month: One where an officer arrested a distraught woman and her daughter after she'd called 911, and another produced by the department for recruiting purposes featuring a Darth-Vader-backed Stortrooper training to become a FWPD officer.

Who wore the Stormtrooper look better?

One notes that, if State Sen. Konni Burton's SB 271 banning arrests for nonjailable offenses had been in effect, these women couldn't have been arrested.


Anonymous said...

Stupid, stupid, inexcusable actions by that Fort Worth officer. It's obvious he didn't realize he was being taped but still, it's almost as though some cops are actually provoking ambushes. I see what is coming. More cops getting ambushed, and Trump won't address the underlying cause but instead hires another 100,000 unqualified goons and Voila!, we have an official police state practically overnight.

Anonymous said...

"Hands up, don't shoot!"

Phelps said...

The mother was arrested for outstanding warrants in Irving. She was going to be arrested before the cop ever said a word to her.

Don't get sucked into the BS.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is this Phelps character who made that STUPID and false statement above? Is he really that stupid or is he trolling your blog? Good grief, sure is easy to spot Trump Chumps these days.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Watch the video, Phelps, that's not what happened. If she had warrants, the officer only discovered that after he'd already arrested her. And anyway, Choking-a-child > traffic-warrants. Priorities, people!

Anonymous said...

Another cop shoots himself in the foot.

Phelps said...

How could you possibly know that? Why wouldn't he know from her giving her name in the (alleged) 911 call and the address he responded to?

The choking story is going to turn out to be BS too. I'll bet hard cash and on that. The cop likely already knew that from interviewing third party witnesses.

This all smell like half-the-story victim culture bull. Don't beclown yourself by investing too heavily into the story. This is "hands up don't shoot" all over again.

Phelps said...

False? Look at the ACTUAL RECORDS, ass.

Anonymous said...

Shhhh, Phelps, don't say stuff like that! You're gonna cause the facts to get in the way of the narrative!

TriggerMortis said...

“if you keep yelling at me you’re going to piss me off and I’m going to take you to jail.”

That's the "gotcha" line right there. That betrayed his intentions and proves she wasn't arrested on warrants. Plus with him provoking her with his “why don’t you teach your son not to litter?”, he'll be terminated.

These guys should know by now to act as though they're being recorded.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TriggerMortis. If the cop was there to arrest her, why was he talking to the neighbor?

"Craig was arrested on charges of resisting arrest and failure to identify, according to court records. She was also arrested on warrants from the Irving Police Department for traffic charges..."

It seems the charges are trumped up. Failure to Identify?? The cop didn't ask, and appeared to know who she was already.

"Craig’s daughter, Brea Hymond, 19, was charged with resisting arrest and interfering with public duties..."

The 19-year old was only recording the video, not interfering.

Also, it seems that the 15yo daughter was trying to diffuse the situation before the officer moved in.

Why was she arrested?

Anonymous said...

She was arrested because she was black and didn't run away when the police arrived. How dare she try and de-escalate (couldn't we just say "ameliorate"?), the situation.

His attitude and his posture scream "I'm a white police officer with a buzz cut, you'd better not open your sub-standard mouth and tell me anything."

Or else you're going to jail.

The scary part about this, is that it happens more than most "trumped-up" folks ever want to realize, unless, of course, they are among the many who relish in such uneven treatment of human beings based upon melanin concentration.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@ Phelps, if he knew she had warrants he'd have already arrested her. That's not what happened. She was arrested for contempt of cop. The rest came later.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04 here. I was referring to the 15 year old, although my statement could have applied to any of them. Mr. Phelps should go back to hosting the David Duke Network's version of "The Ladies' Man".

Grits, Scott,
I just want to thank you for all of the excellent work you do. Additionally, your tactful handling of the idiocy and bigotry that now routinely fill yoir comments section shows a depth of character that none of the aforementioned could ever dream of.
Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!

M.D. Cohen

Phelps said...

The charges say failure to identify A FUGITIVE. Simple failure to ID is not a crime in Texas (thank god).

Phelps said...

I read it differently. As someone who in his youth regularly had these sorts of unpaid traffic ticket warrants, you can talk your way out of them IF they aren't for that jurisdiction (Irving warrants in ft worth like here) and if that jurisdiction doesn't say that they are going to immediately come get you (who wants someone on their jail for three days for someone ELSE'S warrant?).

(Informed speculation from here) So, he investigates the initial call by talking to other witnesses, and clears that as BS. Then, he sees her warrants, has dispatch call Irving, and goes to talk to her.

Either she doesn't realize she's wanted, or too dumb to know that that means, and rather than presenting herself as sympathetic, she's belligerent and condescending to the person WHO CAME TO HER CALL, in addition to lying to the cop about what happened with the kid (cops ask leading questions like that when they ALREADY know the answer and just want to see if you will lie), and removed all sympathy and chances of getting a break on the warrants.

REGULAR commenters here know that I'm no badge licker, and bad cops like the one in NC deserve the full penalty, including the death penalty for him shooting a fleeing suspect in the back. This isn't that. This is straight up manufactured bullshit from a woman with no home training.

Phelps said...

She didn't deescelste. She escalated. Did the cop bait her? Sure. And she was stupid enough to take the bait.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Phelps, she didn't deescalate, but she's not the trained professional in that situation. He's the one with higher expectations regarding his behavior, and baiting her served no public safety purpose. Neither did arresting her. Finally, your assertion that he already knew she had warrants is baseless speculation (not "informed" by anything but your imagination) that contradicts what's on the video, where there was no discussion of such before the arrest.

Thanks for your kind words, M.D. Cohen. And happy holidays to all.

M.D. Cohen said...


"Stupid enough to take the bait"

I imagine the officer, any officer, wouldn't have baited anyone, had he been dispatched to a call in my neighborhood, which is quite racially diverse, though much higher income than Ms. Craig's.
I do not live anywhere near the metroplex, thank G-d, but this no doubt happens across the state, in neighborhoods such as these.

He took the 15 year old to jail, because he was pissed off that she was recording all of the crap he was doing, or was she just reminding him that it had all been recorded.

Matters not. Had this video been of some nose up in the air, white, Flower Mound residents, with outstanding traffic warrants, Mr. Phelps' imagination might have interpreted it very differently.

Also, I have been reading this blog almost daily for over 6 years. I often work 55+ hours per week, and haven't the time to comment, especially the time to reply to my comment's replies.

Happy Holidays to all!

Phelps said...

I am certain that the cop would have acted exactly the same in the same situation in your neighborhood. The difference between the two is that it is much less likely that someone would blatantly lie to a cop in your neighborhood.

The 15 year old was the one in the pink top, not the filmer. We don't know what her charges are because she's a juvenile. The filmer went to jail because she was hovering behind the cop shouting while he's trying to get two suspects into his car, easily less than six feet away. Ask any of the Cop Watcher guys -- any time you do that, you're going to jail, and you aren't beating the charge.

Matters not. Had this video been of some nose up in the air, white, Flower Mound residents, with outstanding warrants, this would be just another episode of Cops for everyone to laugh about and no one here would have noticed the video.

You are a hypocrite, and you know it. If she had been white, you would have walked away.

M.D. Cohen said...


It wouldn't have been on "Cops", because it wouldn't have happened.

I agree, that standing behind an officer making an arrest with a video camera is definitely not the right thing to do, in most situations, and you'll never find me doing that, no matter what color the subject is.

Your pure conjecture about what was going on in the cop's head is what is so laughable about your comments.
So you were there, and conferred with him about Ms. Craig's arrest?

Ms. Craig had two strikes against her before speaking to the cop. 1. She is a woman. 2. She is black. I was unaware it is standard police procedure to speak with the antagonist, and the reason for the call to begin with, and TAKING HIS SIDE, before speaking with the person who made the call. Well, the antagonist was white, and male, so that put him two notches higher in the cop's eyes when he pulled up.
The things he said to her were completely uncalled for, and your derivation of "fact" from the stuff you looked up online after the fact is preposterous.

I'm a hypocrite? Yet again more baseless acusations based upon the fiction you create in your head.

You've got one hell of an imagination, I'll give you that.

You may want to consider a job on the Texas Criminal Court of Appeals. The "government always wins" faction would certainly love to bring you on board.

You say you talked your way out of being picked up for outstanding traffic warrants from other jurisdictions in your youth. I suppose that you know, as well as I do, that you should always be very respectful to the police during a traffic stop, no matter if the officer is in the wrong. When you get to court, that is when you can call him the lying SOB that he is.

How would you feel if your child had been choked by a neighbor, for anything?

I once saw a man from France, whose wife was in Houston teaching as part of an exchange program, get arrested and charged with kidnapping. An elementary aged child would pass through his yard every school day on the way home from school, tearing up his garden with his tennis shoes. He told him several times not to walk through his yard. He kept doing it. One afternoon, the Frenchman stood inside his front door, waiting for the child. When he saw him approaching, he dashed to the edge of his lawn, picked the child up, and set him down on the other side. He did not harm him in any way, nor were his actions violent. The child's father saw this and called the police. The Frenchman was charged with felony kidnapping, for picking up the wayward child and carrying him for less than 5 seconds. He didn't choke him. Too bad he was in Houston and not in Fort Worth. Had he been there, the child's father certainly would have been taken in for traffic warrants.

M.D. Cohen said...

Also, @Phelps, you don't have to give your full name when you place a 911 call, and if she did, they don't exactly run an NCIC on everyone who makes an emergency phone call. If she had a land line, in her name, they might have gotten her name that way, but that is doubtful in 2016. It also wouldn't assure that they would run her name before responding to a call. The fact that she had warrants only adds veracity to her claim that her son had been choked by a neighbor, because she wouldn't want to risk being arrested for the warrants had the accusations against her neighbor been some shit she had just made up. I guess the times "in your youth" when you talked your way out of the traffic warrants arrest in another jurisdiction, was a couple months ago.

Also, "the cop likely already knew that from interviewing third party witnesses"
What corner of your ass did you pull that out of? The person the complaint was against, does NOT qualify as a third party witness. Sorry. Do you think that Ms. Craig just sat inside and waited for the police to knock on her door when he got done talking to the neighbors?
He was talking to the man who choked her son to begin with. Not a third party.
It is clear to me that you don't have any children, or else you are just an unabashed racist.
I've always wondered how the brains of people like you can read an article, or watch a video, and come up with a completely different, nonsensical version of events almost instantaneously. You go a step further, doing some light online research to back up the farces you've created inside your head.
I know now not to respond to any more of your comments, and most readers here will have learned to disregard them anyway before long.

Happy Chanukah to Mr. Leon Phelps, the ladies' man.

Phelps said...

I'm less than concerned with the complaints of fugitives from the law on how the copd threat them.

Find a better poster woman.

Anonymous said...

They're terminating the officer. No doubt his union will fight it though, and he'll probably win his job back in a year or two(since the arbitrators are mostly former law enforcement and cop sympathizers)and he'll be awarded back pay and benefits.

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