Friday, August 04, 2017

Competing narratives, reentry, girl scouts, when prosecutors bully the defense bar, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends  for readers' perusal while your correspondent is focused elsewhere:


Baron_of_Greymatter said...

Sounds to me like "Masturbatory Gestures" would be a completely reasonable and appropriate response to San Antonio DA Nico LaHood.

Where's Reposa when we need him?

Steven Michael Seys said...

I know Ben Spencer from the Coffield Unit. Spence is clean in habits, has no addiction and continues to make a reasonable case for his innocence. I believe him.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes---the Texas reforms.

Elderly inmates with kidney problems from soft tissue strikes by fists, knees and elbows

hearing loss from contact with concrete floors and walls as their heads get banged while their hands are handcuffed behind them

memory loss and body tremors from non-stroke causes

shackles so tight that the forearms are almost gangrenous after the bus ride is over

and the bus rides have to be repeated often since the paperwork for the visit always seems to get lost

yet the perpetrators take pride as they go to church and sing to the baby Jesus

Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa! .... I thought Nico Lahood was the darling of the defense bar? Democrat, Hispanic, former board member of the Bexar Co. Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and he had gotten busted for selling drugs to boot. What happened? Has he forgotten which side his bread is buttered on? Heaven forbid he actually take his job seriously as a prosecutor and become an advocate for victims in San Antonio! Oh the humanity!! Well at least the liberals still have Kim Ogg to coddle criminals over in Harris County. Keep hope alive!

Gritsforbreakfast said...

@7:48, your weird conflation of Democrats with criminal-coddling doesn't really match history or reality in this state. Lawyers are lawyers. They may prosecute sometimes, defend others. Having done one doesn't put you on that side for life. And attorneys on BOTH sides can and do sometimes behave in reprehensible ways. Trying to make it a partisan thing is either disingenuous or just plain stupid.

Anonymous said...

About the girl scouts (Once a month, the group travels almost two hours to the Gatesville Correctional Facility). Some would prefer that the mothers obey the law, stay in the home and save the kids such a long road trip.