Friday, August 25, 2017

TDCJ 2016 PREA reporting

Via Muckrock, see the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's 2016 reporting under the federal Prison Rape Elimination Act, documenting 27,423 "Offender Protection Investigations" initiated that year with the Ferguson, Estelle, Telford, Coffield, Michael, Clemens, Stiles, Smith, and Garza West ranking among the highest.

The TDCJ's OIG investigators opened 242 criminal cases regarding sexual assault in 2016. Estelle, Ferguson, Lewis, Beto, Michael, Telford, Connally, McConnell, Torres, and Allred were among those units with the highest reported number of criminal sexual assaults.

ALSO: Eva Moravec on Twitter provide a link to earlier years' reports.


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