Monday, October 02, 2017

Oral arguments at 5th Circuit Tuesday on Harris County bail reform case

Grits had half a mind to drive over to New Orleans today to hear oral arguments in the Harris County bail case tomorrow at the federal 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, but work and family responsibilities intervened. Regardless, I'm excited that the plaintiffs have reached this point. Good luck to our friends at Civil Rights Corps, the Texas Fair Defense Project, as well as Neal Manne and his colleagues at Susman Godfrey who've worked on this case.

The Texas Tribune had a good preview, and we discussed it in the Top Stories segment of the latest Reasonably Suspicious podcast. For more background (and excellent reading, for the genre), see District Judge Lee Rosenthal's order. See also a study from A&M evaluating the use of risk assessments to make decisions about pretrial detention.

MORE: See initial coverage from the Houston Chronicle. And from the Texas Tribune. And from the Huffington Post. And from the Houston Press.

AND MORE: See a press release from the plaintiffs following oral arguments.

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