Thursday, November 16, 2017

Critiquing proposed Austin police union contract

The Austin Justice Coalition has compiled a comprehensive summary of criticisms of the local police union contract as the union votes this week and the city council prepares for a pivotal vote in early December. Here's a discussion from the October episode of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast, with accompanying graphics from Sukyi McMahon:

For more background, check out a speech from Campaign Zero's Sam Sinyangwe (audio/transcript) and his power point materials critiquing Austin's contract, from an accountability perspective, as among the worst in the country.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, elected city leaders in Austin are not negotiating based solely on accountability and transparency, instead bargaining based on trying to hire the best officers available in a shrinking market of candidates. That is like some groups in Houston trying to defeat bond issues for things like libraries, fire stations, and long needed infrastructure because each and every bond did not include funds to mitigate flooding.