Friday, March 23, 2018

Justice Needs a Platform: Young Republican Federation backs justice reform

With most county and senate-district political conventions being held tomorrow for both major political parties, readers will recall that Just Liberty, working with key allies, had proposed a variety of resolutions to amend both the Republican and Democratic Texas state party platforms to include key criminal-justice reform provisions. If you haven't heard the little jingle we created to promote this campaign, check out this promo for people attending Democratic conventions tomorrow:

Notably, the Texas Young Republican Federation took up the banner and helped propose these resolutions at the grassroots level in the GOP. Check out an op ed by Jason Vaughan, the YRs State Republican Executive Committee liaison, laying out the 16 resolutions and declaring justice reform a top priority for his group.

Opined Mr. Vaughan, "Texas Young Republicans represent the entire spectrum of the Republican Party. Because of this, sometimes finding agreement on specific policy can be tough. There can be a lot of differences on how Republican principles should become policy. The one area where we see overwhelming support is criminal justice reform."

This is a big reason why justice reform is possible in a red state like Texas. Significant constituencies within the GOP base support it, including more than a few young people who represent the future of the party.

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Steven Michael Seys said...

For a political conservative, justice reform is common sense. The current system is extremely wasteful of scarce state resources, especially in a case where an innocent person is locked up for another person's crime. In those cases, the actual perpetrator continues to commit crimes while the innocent person/people are costing the state in lost revenue as well as the high cost of incarceration.