Thursday, January 02, 2020

Driver killed by Temple PD at traffic stop was unarmed, fingerprint fallibility, and a New Year's #cjreform reading list

Here are a few more odds and ends that merit Grits readers' attention:

Driver killed by Temple PD at traffic stop was unarmed
Michael Dean was unarmed when he was shot by Temple PD last month, according to the latest reports. Witnesses say he was beaten up by police before his death.

Fingerprint fallibility
How easy is it to become an "expert" fingerprint examiner? My neighbor Jordan Smith, writing for The Intercept, gave a great account. (Spoiler: Not hard.) The justice system hasn't come close to coming to grips with the implications that traditional forensic methods like fingerprints, bite marks, or hair-and-fiber comparisons have no scientific basis and are wrong far more often than jurors are told. It's like the 2009 National Academies of Sciences report on forensics set off a slow-motion explosion of which most of the public and even most of the legal profession remain unaware.

Defining #cjreform in red-state Kansas
Conservative Republicans in Kansas want to shift budget resources to mental health and drug treatment services  outside the justice system.

For the reading pile
Here are a few academic articles that go on the reading list:

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