Thursday, January 23, 2020

Meaty January episode of Reasonably Suspicious podcast: Hear federal judge scold Travis County DA; what's the remedy for school principal convicted based on junk science?; why DPS troopers' chase policy is a bad fit for urban policing, and more

Here's the January 2020 episode of Just Liberty's Reasonably Suspicious podcast, co-hosted by me and Mandy Marzullo. We have a meaty, jam-packed show for you this month.

The Texas parole board is the last hope for Joe Bryan, the Bosque County school principal falsely convicted in 1985 based on erroneous blood-spatter testimony. Travis County DA Margaret Moore can't accept the results in an innocence case. And the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals says Texas prison guards couldn't have known it was a problem to keep a prisoner naked sleeping in feces and urine for six days. (And really, how could anyone have guessed?)

Bail reform not responsible for alleged repeat-offender monkey in Galveston

Top Stories
Marijuana prosecutions in Texas declined by 2/3 since Legislature legalized hemp. Does anybody besides cops and prosecutors miss them? (2:20)

Home Court Disadvantage
This month, the cases highlighted found defendants and plaintiffs at extreme disadvantage:
  • Joe Bryan (6:16): The Court of Criminal Appeals turned down the former school principal, who was the subject of a major New York Times Magazine/Pro Public investigation by Pam Colloff. Now, it's up to the parole board to free him, if it happens at all.
  • Rosa Jimenez (10:10): Four different judges have found her innocent. But Margaret Moore and the Court of Criminal Appeals don't want her released. Hear audio from a disgruntled federal judge scolding the Travis County DA's office for their handling of this increasingly high-profile case.
  • Trent Taylor (19:02): The Fifth Circuit won't hold TDCJ responsible for what they deemed deliberate indifference that put Mr. Taylor at risk of serious harm because the courts had never ruled that six days was too long to endure such conditions. Infuriating.
The Last Hurrah (25:49)
As always, I'll order a transcript and add it below the jump when it comes back. Until then, enjoy!

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