Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Judge's death means shift in appellate court power

Byron at Burt Orange Report brings the unhappy news of Justice Mack Kidd's death, and some fond remembrances from Travis County Democratic Party Chair Chris Elliot. I only met him a couple of times, but Kidd was highly regarded by folks I respect. Among other claims to fame, he was himself a former Travis County Democratic Party chair, and name partner of Kidd, Whitehurst, Harkness and Watson (that's former Austin mayor and failed Texas Attorney General candidate Kirk Watson).

Kidd sat on
Texas' 3rd Court of Appeals based in Austin, which was split 3-3 Democrat-Republican before his passing. Byron notes the political implications: Governor Rick Perry will appoint a Republican, swinging the court to a 4-2 pro-Republican split. The last Perry appointee to that court, Bob Pemberton, narrowly squeaked past Democrat Diane Henson in the November 2004 election. (More and more, 2006 is shaping up as an important year for Texas judicial elections.)

My condolences to Justice Kidd's family and loved ones.

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chris said...

Justice Mack Kidd was 7 feet tall and as big as Texas as far as I am concerned.

He had one of the biggest hearts of any lawyer I have even met. He genuinely cared and faught for all the PEOPLE of Texas. And, with his passing the people of Texas have lost one of their greatest sons.

It has been over a week since this happened and I am still in utter disbelief. We probably will never know why he did what he did but I guarantee it was not over something trivial. When your spirit is as large as Mack's you feel things deeper than most. The deeper you feel the harder you fall when you are disapointed, hurt or ashamed.

I only wish he would have reached out to someone who could have helped him see that no temporary problem deserves such a final solution.

My Ol Buddy Mack, had a powerful swagger and always walked through life with head-high determination to do the right thing.

I will never forget my old buddy, and I hope to see him again someday on the other side.

Mack: rest in peace my friend.