Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Gypsy Cop Blog

I'll admit I thought it was pretty cool that Doc Berman has his own personal shadow blog looking over his shoulder (older posts recently removed), but I just found out yesterday Grits has one, too. Regular readers will not be surprised to learn my fan's URL is Nice!

I will say that whereas Prof. Berman's fanblog takes a friendly and collegial tone, mine sounds a bit more like a half-crazed stalker. It's full of references to my lack of masculinity and failure to get "laid" often enough, "my sister could beat you up," etc. The single post there responds to my Profile of a Gypsy Cop, Parts One and Two. I'd have figured out this existed sooner, but "Buck" appears to be a web newbie and didn't link to me.

For all the bile, there's some new information in the blog post that's worth following up:
did [DPS Deputy Narcotics Commander] O'Burke say anything about one of his commanders, who by the way, IS IN CHARGE OF A TASK FORCE RUN BY DPS, getting a ticket in Floresville (after being stopped 2-3 previous times by a THP), he was ticketed for going 95 miles per hour? Or about the fight he started a FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DINNER PARTY where he was INTOXICATED BEYOND BELIEF?
You can bet I'll be checking out that story.

For the record, Commander O'Burke didn't say anything to me, period, about Deputy Keith Majors. All the information in those two posts came from ACLU of Texas open records requests, and the content reflected what was found in those government documents. As for my comments regarding Deputy Majors' love life, the only such reference was to an incident where Majors got in a fight with his girlfriend while in uniform at a public restaurant, his service revolver was discharged, and Deputy Majors, allegedly, improperly left the scene. I specifically tried not to include personal detail about his love life (e.g., his girlfriend's name) that was not relevant to the allegations of misconduct.

There's a "Buck" mentioned in the same documents that criticized Majors, but since he chose to remain an anonymous blogger, I won't out him. Given the timing of his only post, I now think it was probably the same officer who left these comments a couple of days later (in a more polite tone since he was responding to a Judge's comments, not mine).

I'm not too worried about a fellow who calls me a coward but is afraid to use his own name. I'll probably make sure I drive the speed limit through the small towns, though, next time I take Hwy 183 South.

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