Sunday, January 23, 2005

Does Not Compute

Two anomalous reports: Taser to increase power of stun guns, and a large settlement in an Indiana Taser death case. The jailer in case is being charged with serveral criminal counts including battery with a "deadly weapon."

The devices were in the news in Texas after several deaths and examples of improper use. Austin PD, in particular, appears to overuse the devices. The Houston City Council recently agreed to purchase 3,700 Tasers for their officers.

So if Tasers already are deadly weapons, and the company plans to double the length of time the electric charge is delivered, at what point does the non-lethal label just fly out the window? Taser's investors already have sued the company because Taser allegedly misled the public about the safety of its product. Can we trust this new product is safe?

Via TalkLeft and Kemplog

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