Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Tulia book excerpts in September Texas Monthly

Evan Smith emailed to inform me that Texas Monthly will be publishing excerpts from Nate Blakeslee's forthcoming book on the Tulia drug scandals in September. He's promised to forward the link to Grits, which of course I'll gleefully pass on.

Blakeslee, who is a first-rate reporter and a long-time friend, broke the story of the Tulia drug scandal five years ago
in the pages of the Texas Observer, setting off a years-long movement involving hundreds of people statewide aimed at reining in Texas' drug task forces. (Related: See Grits coverage of the Tom Coleman perjury trial.)

Movie rights to Nate's book have already been purchased, and Halle Berry agreed to play one of the attorneys in the upcoming big-screen feature.

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Cornyn actually awarded Tom Coleman an award as Texas Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, and was photographed giving him the plaque, so he never really wanted to stick his neck out on this one too much after that. He said several times he would defer to the Justice Department's investigation. Best,