Friday, December 28, 2007

Bloggers look back at 2007 criminal justice stories, and ahead

As we reflect on 2007 headed into the BCS bowl weekend ... er ... the New Year, here a some year-end top ten lists worth reading:
In addition, Doc Berman pointed out several more year-end lists that may interest Grits readers:
  • The Sentencing Project here has a review of 2007 developments in felon disenfranchisement reform.
  • White Collar Crime Prof Blog here gives out "2007 White Collar Crime Awards"
  • The Death Penalty Information Center (as previously discussed here) has made available here its 13th annual Year-End Report.
I've declared intentions to publish my own Top Ten Texas Criminal Justice Stories of 2007 on New Years Day, along with predictions on Texas justice topics for 2008 (see how Grits did prognosticating last year), so let me know what you think are Texas' biggest 2007 criminal justice stories and any predictions you have for the coming new year.

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Anonymous said...

Christmas 2007 has come and gone, NO RETENTION interviews at Bexar County CSCD (Adult Probation Dept.) However, the federal retaliation lawsuit is pending in March/April 08. Thank GOD that our anonymous postings are considered just that, anonymous! Happy New Year everyone!