Thursday, December 27, 2007

NPR: No reduction in overall cocaine supplies

US Drug Czar John Walters has claimed that drug enforcement efforts had created a cocaine supply shortage in 37 US cities, but a report from National Public Radio yesterday poked holes in those assertions, finding that any supply reduction in cities like Houston were transitory and already passed. Retail prices in San Antonio for cocaine remain unchanged, NPR declared, and Dallas experienced no supply shortage at all.

Reporter John Burnett's investigative story confirmed "long-established trends: that price spikes are transitory, and that over time, dealers find other distribution routes, while users may find other drugs." The National Drug Intelligence Center also contradicted Walters' claims, declaring "Cocaine availability appears to have returned to previous levels in some, but not all, drug markets, as traffickers re-establish stable sources of supply and distribution networks."

You can listen to the full 7.5 minute story here.

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