Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Dallas News: All claims of terrorist infiltration of border so far have been bogus

When it comes to claims that the US-Mexico border allows terrorists through to harm America, they all have one thing in common: So far, none of them are true, reports David McLemore at the Dallas News ("Tales of terrorists breaching border overblown, so far," Dec. 11), confirming prior assessments of similar public statements on this blog.

Said Texas homeland security director Steve McCraw to McLemore, "These reports get out into the public and get magnified quickly before the facts can be confirmed, and that's a shame." Well, gee, sir, I've got a solution for you: Stop making unsubstantiated claims whenever it suits your political aims!

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Anonymous said...

Well that's not true.

Who the hell do you think is running TYC the prison system and the governors office. Man this is BS. I am tired of this nonsense. I am going down to Mohammeds 7-11 eleven to get some coffee!!!!!!!