Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dallas PD will implement steroid testing after David Jacobs' allegations

In the wake of allegations that deceased steroids dealer David Jacobs sold the drugs to officers at Dallas PD and four other area departments, Dallas PD had decided to implement random drug testing, the Dallas News reports, though they insist they've been planning it for some time. Will the other departments Jacobs named - Plano, Garland, Richardson and Arlington - follow suit?

I haven't seen a copy of the policy but it sounds like a good faith start to addressing the problem, and DPD deserves credit for taking this step. Still, I still wish feds or some other outside entity would take over the investigation into Jacobs business connections with Metroplex police officers.


Jack said...

You can wish all you want but you are still in Texas. "smiles"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I have to lean a bit in favor of Jack 08:41.

Aside from Jack's circular but true logic (that Texas 'is still' Texas), there are other concerns with bringing in the Fed.

Is the Fed really a superior entity to Texas agencies? They've been involved in numerous foul-ups. Although we may not often see Texas-cowboy-brand issues in the Federal forces, they are certainly prone to their own weaknesses.

Then, there is the matter of States' Rights, and Constitutional limitations on the Federal purview. I like to place a special emphasis on the later.

If the Fed is really the only 3rd party that can address rampant, intractable & proven corruption in Texas, then fine. But of course, none of those conditions are proven, and the evidence is only suggestive.

Fortunately, GritsforBreakfast does allow that "some other outside entity" could also investigate the David Jacobs steroids case. Though not as 'definitive' as calling in the Fed, it would be a better solution, really ... if the particulars of such an alternative can be indentified & agreed upon.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

The state-level alternative is the Texas Rangers, but the feds already have major steroid investigations running, and there's clearly federal jurisdiction because Jacobs was running a multi-state operation and alleged law enforcement corruption. Also, in the past Rangers have sometimes had a reputation for being pretty cozy with the law enforcement officials they investigate - not always, but often enough to cause concern. My sense is that DOJ would bring more credibility to an outside investigation.

Anonymous said...

The article says Houston and Austin are also testing. Is this true? How about Tyler?

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Don't know about other cities; the AP story mentioning them was the first I'd heard of any Texas PDs testing for steroids. Could be, though. No idea about Tyler. Somehow I doubt it.