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No post-raid interview yet, but see the item today from the Salt Lake Tribune profiling Rozita Swinton, the hoaxer whose prank phone call launched the Great Eldorado Polygamist Roundup. See more here and here, as well as Brooke Adams' recent blog posts on the subject.

She is scheduled to appear in court on different charges (also related to false reporting) in Colorado on Friday.


Hugh McBryde said...

The article contains some factual ommissions but is largely correct. It rounds out the picture of Rozita a bit and gives us her father's input which balances out the constant stream of lies she's been telling. I still say it's important that "Kate Rosemary" her apparent foster parent is a vital piece of the puzzle. Kate is on the record as not being willing to answer the question of whether or not she and Rozita are actually one in the same. It is also possible that the Salt Lake Tribune conducted their interview of Kate entirely by email. Only her publisher says she has seen Kate and her publisher is a very impeachable source.

Do I think they are the same people? Not yet, but it's fascinating that "Kate" said this to me via email when asked if they were the same person. "I have agreed to Mr. Foley's request that I not speak with anyone else about Rozita without his prior authorization. You will have to go through him."

Someone needs to see Kate (who is also known as "Merry Cate Noel") in person and be sure she is real and wrote the books she claims to have written.

Anonymous said...

My heart has been breaking for these children but what we have done to them in the name of "for the children" is beyond repairable.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that Rozita, when eventually interviewed about the YFZ calls, will not make any mention of knowing anyone associated with the case (Doran, Long, Flora Jessop, Voss, ect...) and claim she acted solely of her own accord. After some period of time, she will most likely receive a nice inheritance check from a rich uncle. [Sam ?]

Hugh McBryde said...

I'd like to point out that this is not a recent picture of Rozita Swinton, it's a little older, by at least a year or two. She has gained a bit of weight recently.

Supposedly this picture was taken on a "Missionary Journey" to El Salvador, there is, as with all things related to Rozita, no way to verify any part of that story. For all we know it was taken in someone's garden in Colorado or Tennessee.

In other words the picture was supplied with Rozita's permission by a close personal friend or by Rozita herself and probably through Westview publishing in Nashville where another picture (apparently taken the same day) originated.

We should be questioning who has such access and what their goals are. The last set of facts that came with a similar picture of Rozita ranged from suspect to completely false.

Anonymous said...

So this Kate Rosemary is the author of the book:The Feminization of Job?

Hugh McBryde said...

Yes, she and "Merry Cate Noel" would appear to be one in the same, whoever they actually are. The book "The Feminization of Job" has been retitled as "After Disclosure" and now sports "Kate Rosemary" as it's author.

Anonymous said...

Hugh, it would interesting to know if Swinton is someone connected to insider information trough Kate Rosemary, who might be connected to one of our activist pundits. It may be irrelevant, but on p 26 of "The Feminization of Job" there is mention of Rosemary being a supervisor for an abuse hot line. (I think it was page 26, did a Google search of the book.)

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say something I noticed recently.
Has anyone else noticed.?

Both San Angelo Newspaper and KXAN who have been reporting on the FLDS situation have removed their comments section..

San angelo expalins it by saying it was brought to their attention by a comment from ,11:13 a.m. on May 22, 2008 .
So why take so long ?

Maybe it's nothing .

Anonymous said...

Also a person who claimed to be a ad litem abruptly dissapeared of the boards without any explanation, then a few (2) days later their account brought back a message it had been deleted...just recently

Anonymous said...


On a Sunday less:

TRLA (the lawyers representating 38 FLDS) --- their media spokesperson, Cynthia Martinez is over on a blog, attacking "Gerl" a FLDS advocate---for her exposing the attorney's intended "deals".

Read Gerl's 2 comments: 6:30 and 6:41 then, see TRLA's Martinez's immediate crazy response at 6:44--just minutes.

To my knowledge, Martinez has never commented on the FLDS blog, before tonight.


What up with this?


See thread:


Anonymous said...

Doesn't Rozita Swinton kind of remind you of Crystal Gayle Mangum (the hooker/stripper who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape?).

Ms. Mangum (like Ms. Swinton) suffered from a history of mental illness and outrageous behavior including false allegations of gang rape (prior to her false Duke accusations), and yet both live freely amongst society to cause great harm to innocent people.

What is with these kooky women that they think it is OK to ruin the lives of demonstrably innocent people with their malicious and false accusations of rape?

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:30, after looking at that blog, I can really understand why someone from TRLA would want to put some distance from the inside scoop that guy is claiming to have. Aside from some apparent inside contact with the FLDS, the guy's posting what he thinks are phone numbers and maps for Judge Walther's home on his front page! Yikes! Not cool. Not productive.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


On a Sunday less:

Things will be hot tomorrow morning! Blog says Brooke, SLT reporter at the ranch tonight.

kbp said...


FWIW, Crystal had been in the 'funny farm' a few times.

Anonymous said...

You people need a life.

Anonymous said...

kdp--it's a shame they weren't able to keep Crystal in the funny farm so that she wouldn't be able to ruin the lives of those quite clearly innocent young men from Duke.

How strange that two mentally ill black women have successfully concocted stories of mass rape and sexual abuse that targeted large groups of white men--and how our governmental and law enforcement agencies (in both cases) quite gleefully believed their accusations without vetting the women or investigating their claims. Why is this?

In both cases--if law enforcement had done their jobs and checked the background of the accusers and their stories, they would have easily drawn the conclusion that the claims of these women were not credible.

Why is it that our government is so eager to convict these men--without a trial or due process large numbers of white men, solely on the (very questionable) word of two mentally ill black women?

My bet is that Rozita Swinton will get away with her crimes--exactly the same as Crystal Mangum. There will be no accountability, nor punishment for her malicious and false accusations. She will have destroyed the lives of nearly 500 children for "fun", and she will get away with it. Disgusting. Truly disgusting.

Just my observations--I could be wrong.

Anonymous said...

Brooke had a piece in todays SLT that was mostly on one of the FLDS grandmothers, so no surprise that she's at the ranch.


The guy with the FLDS.WS blog sounds more like a crackpot -- or an agent provocateur.


The "collateral damage" from the FLDS mess will be quite an order of magnitude greater than the Duke case. There it was just one out-of-control DA and a crazy, here its an entire state agency + police of various levels.

And the main difference is that Swinton probably wasn't acting on her own; I think someone put her up to it, although i wouldn't hazard a guess who. There are too many suspects.

Anonymous said...

Anybody can post saying he or she is Cyntia Martinez. I wouldn't put much weight into it. I imagine Cyntia Martinez might have more important things to do right now than post on blogs.

Anonymous said...

beowulf--hopefully the "collateral damage" will see the dismantling of Texas CPS (as we currently know it today), and perhaps even, CPS being neutered in the other 49 states. CPS in this country--in eery state--is out of control.

I have family in Texas--and until this happened with the FLDS, we were giving some consideration to moving there to join them.

However, we have still have minor children living at home and so we cannot (and further will not) consider Texas a suitable place to live, given their history (ie, FLDS, Branch Davidians, etc).

While CPS in our home state (GA) is not all that and a bag of Doritos either, CPS in Texas seems to love the children they snatch--to death (literally). We can't take a chance Texas will love ours to death too.

How sad...Texas is one of the most beautiful states I've ever visited and the people (ie, private citizens, not the power mad bureaucrats) are some of the nicest, most generous people you'll ever meet.


Anonymous said...

Well, "Cynthia Martinez" sent from a addy per site adm.

And, "Martinez" posted to slap down "Gerl's" comments within 2 minutes per site adm.

So, how could anyone cook up such a thing in 2 minutes flat?

Adm. is checking out the ISP, etc.

Hugh McBryde said...

Fred, I wish I had copies of both books, and actually, of "After Disclosure" both as that title and in it's original form, "The Feminization of Job." I was unemployed until recently, I may spring for a copy or two despite what that means about where the money is going. Unless of course you know a place where I can buy/read it online.

Anonymous said...

beowulf--by the way, in the Duke case it was *way* more than an out of control DA and a crazy (as you put it).

The city of Durham NC government was in on the fix against the Duke boys. The PD, City Council, Mayor...all of 'em.

If you want to do some reading on that case to see how wide spread the criminal misconduct was, and see the resulting lawsuits, check out "Durham in Wonderland"--that is *the* authoritative blog on the case.

I wish KC Johnson (the DIW blogger) would take up the cause of the FLDS the way he did the Duke boys.

These cases have a *LOT* more in common than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Hugh, I just searched the book at and don't know of any place where the entire book is on-line. You could try on-line used book stores though and has that option.

Anonymous said...

Bill @ 10:18 on announces:
"cynthia martinez from trla says the blog was not from her, it was a hoax!"

Anonymous said...

On the Martinez TRLA email to FLDS blog...

Bill says...they are checking it out they have the ISP and all...but won't know until they can check it out in the am.

Martinez claims she did not send it...but the ISP is from her TX area, I know.

"Martinez" got caught...the ranch heard about her comments...and were 'upset' but, she claims she did not send it.

You can read the email trail to see what it was about.

At any rate...they are checking it out. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...Bill at does have the inside scoop.

I been bloggin over there and I knew ahead of time:

1) the ACLU was filing a brief-4 days before media reported it.

2) I knew the Supreme Courts decision was in before media.

3) I knew the meeting fell through Friday...before media.

4) I knew the meeting yesterday, Sun. evening was not going well.

I have no dog in this fight...but, you can get some inside info. from the site.

And, it has 8 pages of great expose' articles on it "Gerl" Bill and Ann Marie.

Like... did you know DFPS commissioner Carey Cockerell has a pending law suit against him for one of his workers arrested and convicted for molesting youths. Cockerell claimed FLDS 'abuse' in front of the TX Senate Committee on HHS recently.


SB said...

Women's Right's groups will be applying pressure to keep Swinton from being punished. Their theory is that it will keep victims from coming forward. My theory is that a 30 year prison term would send a message that false accusations will be dealt with harshly.

womankine said...

Which women's rights groups have indicated that they will defend Swinton? Or is this just your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Fine, if you really want to know who I am:'m_RickJames_Bitch!.jpg

TxBluesMan said...

I have to agree with Lowery on this.

I don't know the penalty in Colorado for Swinton's crime(s), and the Texas offense, if charged, is only punishable by up to 2 years. In any event, she should be charged for any crimes that she committed.

Anonymous said...

Judge Walther has signed the release order.

Just this one-liner so far.

Melanie said...

Headmistress has a nice long post this morning, including the Trib article. If you look in the top right corner, there's a link to the PDF of the order:

Looks like Walthers got most of her way on the additions. Maybe she figured if she brought up the conditions that CPS didn't include to start with, then they'd take a hint and include some or all of them in the negotiations for the new order.

Anonymous said...

There are of course different kinds of "women's groups". Conceivably, Rozita Swinton could receive support from some quarter of womens' activism.

However, Wendy McElroy, a well-established feminist & author, and an associate of, published an article on her website on April 21 in which she exposes Swinton as the faker behind the "Sarah" calls. She reminds that she had already pegged the "Sarah" calls as bogus, and her interest in Swinton is plainly nothing more than to produce the culprit.


Additional web searches using various terms produced no hint of "women's groups" sympathy for Swinton. I would be interest to see references to any womens' group support for her.

Anonymous said...

I agree with TxBluesMan - statutes stipulate only modest punishment for offenses in the category committed by Swinton. I would have to see references to anything more than a tiny fraction of 30 years. Two years sounds more likely.

kbp said...

What law did Rozita violate IN Texas?

She's in Colorado.

Does a Taxes law cover an act committed in another state?

Anonymous said...

kbp said:

"What law did Rozita violate IN Texas?

She's in Colorado.

Does a Taxes law cover an act committed in another state?"

If not a Texas law, surely a Federal law of some sort, since she used interstate communicaitons.

Anonymous said...

That's it then. Texas from now on will have to rely on evidence (imagine that) and will have to respect due process (imagine that).

I think that is all we've argued from the beginning.

Thanks, Grits, for all your time and effort. It had to have made some difference.

P.S. It's OK if you didn't like the melody to your poem all that much. :)

Mission accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of liars, here's 2 videos of the same FLDS parents describing their set of "all boy" children, and then, lo and behold, talking about their little girl in a separate video segment.

Youtube video, at 5 minutes, 48 secs.

MSNBC video at 1 minute, 45 secs.

These are the same parents first saying they don't need to answer a direct question about young girls being married because they have all boys, and then in another video, the mother worries about her little girl, and her photo is shown.

This is in line with what CPS and some judges have said all along, that this group lies and hides the truth and defers to their spokespeople to avoid answering any simple, yet seemingly impossible to answer questions.

There's no disputing what these videos are showing. Deliberate dishonesty and grabs at public sympathy based on lies.

TxBluesMan said...


Actually if the person receiving the phone call was in Texas, that establishes jurisdiction to try Swinton in Texas. See McGowan v State, 938 S.W.2d 732 (Tex. App. Houston 1997) at 735. So if they can prove that Swinton made the call to the New Bridge Family Shelter of San Angelo, as reported, Texas would be able to try her.

kbp said...


FYI: I called my broker and told him stay SHORT on any stocks or commodities listed under "TBM"!




Without even watching the videos, I am lost what that has to do with violations of any Family Codes.

The best advice the residents could have followed would have been "do not tell the authorities anything until their counsel directed them to".

kbp said...

"Actually if the person receiving the phone call was in Texas, that establishes jurisdiction to try Swinton in Texas. See McGowan v State, 938 S.W.2d 732 (Tex. App. Houston 1997) at 735. So if they can prove that Swinton made the call to the New Bridge Family Shelter of San Angelo, as reported, Texas would be able to try her."

Why is it I suspect you're skipping over a few details here?

I'll just skip wasting any time on digging in to this one and leave it open that Rozita could face charges in Texas.

She is of no real value in any cases here unless she can tell us who might of helped her, and then it depends on who that was, if she had help.

Anonymous said...

kbp, why won't you watch the videos? You have spent weeks and hours hashing out this issue, but you won't watch a few minutes of video that show how dishonest some FLDS parents are, even if the videos confirm what CPS and some judges have said about the FLDS?

TxBluesMan said...

LOL @ kbp....

I didn't say that it would happen, just that it could.

A more clear example is Carrillo v State, 2005 Tex. App. LEXIS 6709 (Tex. App. El Paso, 2005), which stated: "a telephone call does not become a "telephone communication" until the call is received; therefore, a telephone communication occurs both at the location of the caller and the recipient."

See also Haigood v State, 814 S.W.2d 262 (Tex. App. Austin 1991), which stated that a telephone communication occurs in the county where the call is received.

Again, I'm not saying that they will file charges against Swinton, but they clearly have jurisdiction to do so, regardless of her physical location at the time of the calls.

kbp said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kbp said...


I have too much in my plate this week to watch videos. I just check here occasionally today.

I will not dispute what you say about a conflict in the information they have given. There may or may not be an acceptable explanation for.

Either way, I commend you for noticing and sharing it. I am not closed minded to admitting that it did happen.

In addition, I am having some sort of speaker problem on some of the videos. Saving them ot play on others players does not seem to cure it always, so i need to find time to isolate what that audio problem is - later!

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Why is it I suspect you're skipping over a few details here?

Probably because he's usually such a shill that he's easy to disbelieve. In this case he's right though.

Texas has several statutes, supported by later case law, that allow it to reach beyond its own borders to get someone out of state. They are affectionately known as long arm statutes, a reference to the long arm of the law. Texas long arm statutes allow for jurisdiction to the fullest extent of the federal constitution, which means that if someone reaches into Texas in any way, for any reason, we can reach back and drag them into court here. Sometimes for all purposes, sometimes for a specific purpose. This would be a very specific purpose.

Should they prosecute? Hell yeah, if they want to salvage their reputation. Fortunately, that's the provenance of the Texas Rangers and the feds to investigate, not the podunk sheriff that was a part of the problem from the start.

She is of no real value in any cases here unless she can tell us who might of helped her, and then it depends on who that was, if she had help.

I feel that the conspiracy surrounding her is greatly exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

Rozita Swinton may be declared incompetent to stand trial. Given her history, it seems likely.

Hugh McBryde said...

The problem is that there are a large number of extremely secretive people around Rozita that clearly have helped her in many ways.

We're not talking about "Trilateralists" or anything like that, but they are a bunch of frustrated feminists some of home style themselves to be great theologians and are lesbian/gay rights activists. I know this for a fact since I've been trying to contact them and they keep hiding.

They'll get found, heck they're getting found right now but I DO think it's important to have the information come out BEFORE they start throwing FLDS members in jail (provided they ever find a charge) as opposed to AFTER they do that.

Anonymous said...

Wait. They keep hiding despite the fact that you keep trying to find them? What, are they not returning your phone calls or something?

What makes you think just because they won't talk to you that they're in hiding?

Conspiracy theories are fun, but ultimately disappointing.

Anonymous said...

AIR, all of Swinton's past offenses have been in state. While it is possible she could have gotten the phone number for the San Angelo center off the Internet, that would assume not only access to the Internet, but also a fair amount of mental savvy, enough that she couldn't plead mental incompetence as a defense.

So it would seem to me that either she's competent enough to stand trial, or someone helped her. If someone helped her, they would, I think, be an accessory.

Could TBM or one of the other lawyers comment on whether this is correct or not?

Hugh McBryde said...

I have never bought into the "Secret Conspiracy Theory" of the sort that people promote around the Kennedy assassination. They're bunk. Those sorts of conspiracies destroy themselves and in my view, don't exist.

There are KNOWN conspiracies though. Those are the real ones that get found out. Some are planned to perpetrate some act, the conspirators are generally found or the conspiracy is obvious and known. There are also the cover up conspiracies that occur after bone headed acts. That would be like Watergate.

What we have with Rozita is a lot like watergate. She runs out and does a bone headed thing and her enabling feminist wacko supporters try to cover up for her and paint her as warm and fuzzy.

It could be that Rozita was used as a conspiracy pawn to take out the FLDS but if that is the case it's going to come out as well. My only concern remains getting to the bottom of the well of facts (which will happen) BEFORE she goes to court and BEFORE they start returning DNA evidence in Texas. If there is anything that would affect those cases it should be known now, not later when the results of continuing screw ups and errors are harder to undo.

FYI I know more than I can say. I hate saying that because it makes it sound all spooky. I'm just trying to move the ball farther, sooner, as opposed to later. What I know will be said. What I know is less than the total picture. Trust me, it will come out. It might turn out to be so boring no one cares.

kbp said...

Any so-conspirator involved with Rozita, if such is the case, is of little importance in what charges they could face for such a minor crime. Really a total waste in the minds of most proecutors would be my guess, and still just a wild assumption it could exist.

The key value i could see in it, again, IF it exists, is IF it could be tied to anyone responsible for handling the raid. Then it's a "maybe" to use showing malice.

A very long shot in my opinion, but not something the door is completely closed on yet.

Also, I'd need more than just her telling us before I'd believe it.

Anonymous said...

Meh, I'm not buying it.

Anyway, she's needed down here for the time line--when the cops came to her. It needs to be confirmed from both her and the cops, and she should be prosecuting. Falsely reporting a crime should be prosecuted, or every tmie you have some secretive group someone will be calling in reports of abuse, or money laundering, or drug use, or whatever.

Hugh McBryde said...

What bothers me is that someone MIGHT have wound up Rozita and pointed her in the direction of the FLDS. That should be known NOW, not after the CPS "finishes it's investigation."

Texas is deliberately and officially NOT knowing what there is to know about Rozita. That we do know. That is so they can continue to "officially" not know there is no Sarah. It also works that if there was a someone that made Rozita their chump and it's connected to someones like Flora Jessops or Elissa Wall then they aren't made to look even worse.

What we do know is that a "perfect storm" of events came out to promote Elissa's book. I just don't like the timing. It sounds like they wanted and needed for whatever reason to raid the compound at a certain time as evidenced by the advanced planning with adoption services. When the time came, Viola, there was Rozita.

kbp said...

Is Hilderbran helping the FLDS learn to spell M-A-L-I-C-E ?

Anonymous said...

Hugh McBryde 02:43 -

'Well duh' was my immediate reaction on reading that it took Flora Jessop 40 hours of recorded telephone calls to resolve the mystery of Rozita to her satisfaction.

Flora is an intensely anti-FLDS personality. No doubt, she has a valid personal narrative, but it does also seem possible that the intensity of her hostility could lead her beyond repetition of her personal facts.

However, it seems clear enough as well, that she has been in extensive & ongoing communication with various law enforcement, and they would be aware of her propensities.

If Flora Jessop and various law officer are colluding, they have their ducks lined up.

Another aspect of this theme is that the Texas Ranger (et al) have struck me as being very solicitous of the legal (and not-legal) proceedings in Schleicher Co ... yet at the same time have gone 100s of miles out of their way to check on key figures & facts in the Sarah-Swinton affair, on several occasions. They obvious are making sure that at least they themselves are capable of lining up all the ducks.

Anonymous said...

I think they always wanted to go in, had a call, and took a while to coordinate the logistics of what they knew was going to be a huge raid.

So, sure, there may have been some motivation in the initial call, but if someone were planning it out that well my bet is that they would have done it in a less traceable way, and from the area where the raid was going to take place.

I would also like to know why she did it, but to some extent it doesn't matter. The fact is that she did, evidence against the FLDS will be thrown as a result, and she should be prosecuted as a result.

SB said...

As long as I can remember there has been an unwritten law that false accusations of sexual assault are not punished. Wendy Murphy is saying something different in this case but she is making an exception to her usual stance.
Females have nothing to lose by making such claims. First step is the rape kit and the first question asks if you are a victim of sexual assault. Once that box is checked it makes the person the complaint is against the perp. That is how it remains unless the “perp” can prove otherwise.
Some who falsely accuse successfully come back later and try to make it right. The attorneys among us know what a waste that is.
Rozita Swinton is becoming a household name. She has taught the world about mass destruction and how to get rich afterward with books and interviews. We are sending the wrong message and there are nut cases out there who are getting it.
Males are being removed from our society in alarming numbers. All males are being demonized. There are no signs of self-preservation instincts kicking in so the last man standing will be a female.

Anonymous said...

They obvious are making sure that at least they themselves are capable of lining up all the ducks.

Rangers are serious business, even if their TV show was stupid.

Anonymous said...

As long as I can remember there has been an unwritten law that false accusations of sexual assault are not punished.

Yeah, but these facts are different. The usual policy behind not punishing the crier of wolf don't apply.

There are no signs of self-preservation instincts kicking in so the last man standing will be a female.

No way. Obama will pull it out in the end.

TxBluesMan said...


Mental competency is an issue as to whether she can stand trial or not. If she understands the charges against her and can assist her attorney, then she is competent, even if she suffers from some form of mental illness.

By the same token, an insanity defense with only help her if she can show that at the time of the offense, due to mental disease or defect, she did not understand right from wrong.

kbp said...

The commonly used saying I've seen is...

...the last male standing will be a FEmale

SB said...

This has been in the plans for 4 years. Gov. Perry set up his emergency management department which gives him direct control over all of the agencies involved plus many more. I was looking at the law last night but forgot what is.
In TX there is a lot of support for getting rid of FLDS. Flora Jessop continued her relationship with Long and Doran. This would have been a slingshot into higher office if they had found what they expected to find.
Word of Swinton’s talents surely got around. I doubt that neither her target nor her timing were accidental. And the politicians involved would do nothing unless it was seen as politically advantageous. It certainly would have been that if they had come out with a harem of sex slaves.
Is there any way to find out who the personal friend is that put up the $20,000 to get Rozita out of jail?

Anonymous said...

I seen this lady in Houston before I'm sure of it.Seen her on the syrup bottle's.It's Aunt J!

Hugh McBryde said...

My bet on the "close Personal Friend" is "Kate Rosemary", who we now know to be real but don't know what her real name is. I traced an email IP to Nashville, that's where she lives.

I don't think she can pump her book for sales, plead the need to remain anonymous and bail out our little "Helen of Troy" warstarter without being exposed. Anyone intrepid enough to find her I'll be happy to supply the email IP return address to them. I did a google map placement of the IP address in Nashiville, it could be her workplace, it might be her home, it is more likely the internet provider she uses, comcast. I'm sure she can be found if she is an active or recently active foster parent in Nashville.

Anonymous said...

Damm you figured this out on your on.It might her work or it might be her at home.

Hugh McBryde said...

Hey, GENIUS, I found an corresponded with her. That's why I have her IP address.


Captain Obviuos

Anonymous said...

What are you people going on about, spouting male vs. female gibberish? It's utter stupidity. And making racial slurs about Swinton by comparing her to breakfast condiment packaging? You people are blathering on about conspiracy theories and disadvantaged, suffering American male BS while choosing to ignore video footage showing that FLDS parents aren't as virtuous and honest as they want us to believe.

Maybe with the cost of gas these days, you folks have decided to travel to La La Land, free of charge while choosing not to use your eyes and common sense.

This blog is devolving into shameful spectacle.

Anonymous said...

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Perhaps bowing to the pressure at the center of the FLDS custody case, a spokesman for the church today released a prepared statement saying members will be counseled to not allow or participate in marriages below the age of consent.

FLDS member Willy Jessop released the statement this afternoon and said it would apply to all members of the church.

"The church commits it will not preside over the marriage of any woman under the age of legal consent in the jurisdiction in which the marriage takes place," Jessop said.

The statement comes on the heels of a judge's order today that released all FLDS children in custody has already reunited some mothers with their children and has parents criss-crossing the state of Texas to get their children back.

But not every attorney is happy.

Natalie E. Malonis, a guardian ad litem who represents a child who is also a mother in state custody, has filed an an emergency motion to prevent the return of her client, saying the court's order will cause "immediate and irreparable harm to the physical safety and welfare of the child."

The threat, she said, is because the female is an identified victim of sexual abuse.

Malonis filed the emergency request this afternoon with the 51st District Court in Schleicher County asserting that Judge Barbara Walther's order lacks restrictions or provisions that take into account the immediate risk of the alleged perpetrator having access to the girl.

The attorney, in her request, said several of these concerns were brought up before Walther on Friday but she was told by the court to wait until after the hearing to discuss them because they did not apply to the other children.

Malonis said she waited, but then Walter abruptly left the bench without addressing the concerns.

"I'm working with her mother's attorney and we are going to enter our own orders that are just little more tailored to my client," she said today.

Malonis complains that she and the attorney representing her client's mother had worked out an agreement that would have kept her client under the purview of the state Department of Family and Protective Services for 30 additional days with a review set at that time. The custody arrangement would continued regardless of any of the court rulings releasing FLDS children.

The agreement would have given time for DNA testing to come back. That, she argues, was a critical component in her case because her client is a mother to a child in custody being cared for by another person. "Ad Litem requested that the court await the outcome of DNA results before entering an order so that a person entitled to possession could be properly identified for each infant in custody."

Anonymous said...

I rejoice with these families on their long awaited reunion and thank the Lord for this blessing. At the same time, I hate to dampen spirits but it appears the party has just begun for the State. Bill…do you know anything more about Walther’s swearing in grand jury in Eldorado today, later handing down 18 indictments, reported in SLT.

SB said...

I don't know if this will post here or not. Rozita's dad gave his name as Clarence.This criminal record appears to be on her dad.The name is listed as Courtney Lamont Swinton.
2002D1908 Date of Birth
Jul 3 1976 Race
Male County of Sentencing
Davidson Judicial District
20.00 Offender Legal Representation
Total Nr of Unique Offenses at Conviction
1.00 Total Counts of All Offenses at Conviction
1.00 Most Serious Indicted Charge Code
3201.0 Most Serious Indicted Charge Desc
First Degree Murder
Most Serious Indicted Charge Class
First Degree Murder Most Serious Primary Conv Offense Code
3202.4 Most Serious Primary Conv Offense Desc
Second Degree Murder Most Serious Primary Conv Offense Class
Class D
Nr Counts Primary Offense at Conviction
1.00 Second Offense at Conviction Code Second Offense at Conviction Desc

none found Second Offense at Conviction Class

none found
Number of Counts Second Offense Third Offense at Conviction Code Third Offense at Conviction Desc

none found Third Offense at Conviction Class

none found
Number of Counts Third Offense Date of Sentence
03/29/2004 12:00:00AM Date of Offense
06/20/2000 12:00:00AM Basis of Adjudication
Nolo contendere
Amount of Fine Imposed Defendant Sentenced As
Standard offender range one - 30% Type of Sentence
Incarceration with DOC Length of Incarceration Imposed (mmm.dd)
Length of Probation Imposed (mmm.dd)
998.00 Community Service/Restitution Ordered?
None Sentence Terms
Only one sentence imposed Consecutive Sentence Offense Code
DOZIER Date of Entry
08/25/2004 12:00:00AM Document Entry Initials
ADP Attorney for the State
Counsel for the Defendant
QUILLEN Meth-related Primary?

none found Meth-related Second?

none found Meth-related Third?

none found

Anonymous said...

7:53, why are you thanking the Lord? If the Lord is in charge of everything that's going on here, the Lord let CPS remove all the children in the first place. Couldn't the Lord have prevented that?

The parents' attorneys and the appellate courts created this end result and did the work.

kbp said...

For all not looking to read claims of sexual abuse stll lacking evidence, enjoy these stories.

Texas judge signs order

Texans had been 'reining in' the FLDS via state laws

FLDS official No more underage marriages; reunifications begin with the children

Largest custody case in U.S. oomed from start


When the evidence is there, I'll vote to prosecute. Walthers knows she can't hold any of the children in custody.

Hugh McBryde said...

Thank the Lord in all things Anon.

Anonymous said...

While Rozita should be pitied, Judge Walther should be impeached for her full scale assault on the United States and Texas constitutions. Here is a link to a petition for her impeachment.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

More updates here, fyi.

Anonymous said...

Rozita is a hero.

Because of her brave work the FLDS have agreed to stop molesting their daughters.

Progress, though painfull, is progress1

Hugh McBryde said...

And yet, there is no evidence that they have.

TxBluesMan said...

Sure there is Hugh - even the SCOT opinion recognized that there was abuse, just that there was insufficient evidence of it in the record.

That's why they told Judge Walther what to do as far as restrictions, temporary orders, etc.

Hugh McBryde said...

The AUTHOR of the two books containing information about Rozita Swinton is now found to be "Mary Catharine Nelson", she both wrote the books, and is Vice President of the publishing company that publishes them. All the pictures beyond mug shots that we have of Rozita, and the "oh so nice" warm fuzzy background we have on her, comes from this very impeachable source. I find that curious.