Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hello Dolly

As Hurricane Dolly hits South Texas today, I intended to write a post about all the prisons - especially a slew of privately run immigration detention facilities around Raymondville - that may have to evacuate prisoners, but Bob Libal at Texas Prison Bidness beat me to the punch. Among other interesting details, he notes:
A large number of detainees with mental illnesses are held at the [Port Isabel Detention Center]. In light of recent reports of some immigrant detainees being drugged in transit and a general lack of mental health and medical care at many ICE detention facilities across the country, it's important to ask if these detainees [are] receiving mental health treatment during their evacuation and if they are being drugged during their transit.
TDCJ will not evacuate state prisoners in the area. In Brownsville, Cameron County released all nonviolent misdemeanants from the local jail - about 75 people - as the storm approached, according to the Brownsville Herald. They were evacuating juvenile offenders to San Marcos, the paper reported, but apparently other adult county jail inmates will ride out the storm in the jail.


Anonymous said...

The "detention facilities" for illegal aliens (hate referring to them as "immigrants") is a term apparently being included under term "prisons". Yes, they are much like prisons but technically they are not prisons in the standard use of the term. We have one in Hutto I think and it is pretty much like a prison.

Dolly was only a category 1 so south Texas prison/jail/detention facily operators probably know they don't have to leave town for a category 1. It was cool the way a whole bunch of the nonviolent people were simply released from their sentences. Thanks, Dolly.

The US criminal justice system is creating this humongous amorphous gulag of mentally ill people and violent and nonviolent convicts and illegal aliens of unknown criminal history including babies, children, and adults.

We have more people incarcerated in one of these ways per capita than even China and we are putting more people away every day.

The big picture is so overwhelmingly horrendous and stupifying to me that I find it difficult to criticize the quality of mental health medical care people are getting or not getting.

They all are pretty much treated like cattle and slaves.

(Sorry for spelling errors.)

Anonymous said...

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