Monday, July 21, 2008

Podcast interviews Grits on DEA license plate reader proposal

At the Houston Chronicle's Texas Politics blog, reporter R.G. Ratcliffe posted a podcast discussing the news broken here on Grits that the DEA wants spend $15 million installing license plate readers along Texas highways. Here's the audio file:

In addition to posting excerpts from the hearing, Ratcliffe interviewed me for the podcast and as always I was a bit taken aback at hearing my own startlingly thick accent, demonstrating once again that your correspondent has a face made for radio and a voice made for blogging. R.G.'s got more goodies and links in the written post, so check it out as well.


Anonymous said...

This , the comment about Illinois wanting to use the National Guard as police, and FISA are really swaying me towards the Big Brother theory that the far left is singing lately. How far do we allow the legislature, police, and local city governments before we as citizens have to push back?

Anonymous said...

We should have been pushing back some time ago but the problem was the continued belief by Democrats that their party was a viable alternative, despite the continual backing of Bushleague assaults of freedom by the Dems in Congress. Tribal identification rules.

SB said...

How does one go about pushing back? here is no organization and not likely to be since the Patriot Act was enacted. A large number of citizens must want change badly enough to buck all of the obstacles.
20 years ago a revolution might have turned this country around. Now it is easier to foresee a revolution that turns the Constitution into an outdated piece of paper.

Anonymous said...

Government never fails to misuse any power it manages to grab.

Anonymous said...

Push back at the voting box. If we could get honest citizens to stand and poll voters upon exit, the elections could not be manipulated or stolen. Yes, there would have to be honesty from the voters as well.

Deb said... I happen to take comfort in your drawl--makes my own east TX Henson blood all warm and fizzy!

Can't help but wonder how many great things we could do instead with $15mill. How about that statewide steroid testing program for law enforcement? Or investing in locally-grown alternatives to incarceration programs? Or health care or renewable energy or...???