Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Wanted posters hung up around town for police chief

You know things have somehow gone horribly wrong when the local police chief shows up on "Wanted" posters around town. Reports KWTX-TV:

A warrant has been issued for former Troy police chief David Seward who failed to show up for a court appearance on June 11 related to a misdemeanor theft charge stemming from the alleged misuse of money seized during an arrest.

The Bell County Court Coordinator’s Office said Seward was due in court to tell a judge whether he had hired an attorney or needed court-appointed counsel.

Posters with the heading “Wanted by the Troy Police Department” and bearing a photo of Seward have been posted around Troy.

We've seen other police chiefs and Sheriffs prosecuted, but none of those involved a manhunt!

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A bit of NEWS from the Bexar County Adult Probation Department.
The Deputy Director, Paul Kosierowski was FIRED yesterday by Director Bill Fitzgerald. Things are heating up at the Adult Probation Department. Grits needs to run another headline.