Thursday, November 13, 2008

DA lauded for Conviction Integrity Unit

Via the Dallas News Crime Blog, we discover that Dallas District Attorney Craig Watkins is featured on the cover of the current Governing magazine, which honored him as one of its "Public Officials of the Year" for the work of his office's Conviction Integrity Unit. See their story and also their other honorees.


Anonymous said...

Thank God for this man and his commitment to freeing the wrongly convicted. He isn't always popular with the courts nor does he leave the prosecutors with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but at least he is a man of integrity who stands for those locked behind the razor wire. Hopefully this will catch on in Texas and few more counties will investigate the claims of those who cry innocent.

Anonymous said...

Many pats on the back! If he has exposed the coruption that lead to so many being incarcerated wrongly, give him a big bonus. Shane on those that took advantage of the system to send innocents to prison and shall they be damned. They should serve many years to understand what they did to so many!