Tuesday, November 04, 2008

TYC Sunset report coming soon, new notification rule on meds released

Some readers may be interested in the Texas Youth Commission's new rules regarding giving youth psychotropic medication, particularly the part of the directive that declares:
If a youth is prescribed psychotropic medication, the youth will be verbally notified and the parent/guardian will be notified via the Medication Notification Letter, Word Document HLS-190, of the diagnosis, name of the drug, purpose of the drug, potential side effects or complications of the drug, and safety precautions (if applicable).

If a prescribed psychotropic medication is discontinued, the youth will be verbally notified and the parent/guardian will be notified in writing on the HLS-190.
The policy goes on to spell out rules regarding hoarding and other types of noncompliance by youth.

In other TYC news, new Executive Commissioner said in an email to employees dated Oct. 28 that she'd be:
participating in the exit conference with Sunset Advisory Commission staff on behalf of TYC this week. This exit conference is the last step before the Sunset Advisory Commission staff will write their final report and make recommendations to the Commission. The final report on TYC is expected to be released November 12th and will be considered by the Sunset Advisory Commission in December.
So we can expect the Sunset report on TYC to come out perhaps as early as next week.


Anonymous said...

This is just as big an issue at the county operated, TJPC monitored, facilities. Often times counties refuse to pay for psychotropic medications for kids confined to their facilities and just stop providing the prescribed medications. Someone should take a careful look at how these facilities provide health care.

Anonymous said...

You're right 6:44 p.m. I don't think the ledge should pass the buck to TJPC and the counties and leave this issue unfunded as they've done w/TYC over the years (thus UTMB involvement). We need to get ahead of the curve on this issue. It'll pay off in the long run because stablized kids on medications that really need them equate to less time in costly long term facilities. So that's a win-win for all. Good point.

Anonymous said...

Sunset Report is out and makes for good reading. Some good recommendations, some not so good. Major one is that TYC and TJPC should become one agency.

Anonymous said...

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