Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Texas won't ask SCOTUS to reinstate dildo ban

We learn at Sex Crimes Blog that "The State of Texas has decided not to seek a writ of certiorari following the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals decision which overturned Texas's sex-toy ban. The Fifth Circuit's opinion can be viewed here. "


Anonymous said...

gigged 'em

Anonymous said...

Because they know Bush is moving to Dallas in January.

Red Leatherman said...

Scott, This Blog has been a daily read for me since I came across it earlier this year.
I live a few miles north of Cleburn and often pass through the town and recall the story of the great undercover dildo discovery by Cleburns finest. in case some of your readers arent aware of what may have been the start of the end of the law, I found a article from the Dallas Observer that makes for a good read.
owning wasn't as much of an issue as was selling them I don't know the extent of the reform but at that time possessing 3 was ok but the fourth constituted a felony.
the thing that was the most disturbing back then was reading how it was a undercover operation which reminded me of another undercover operation I read about.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, red. I enjoyed that very much.

Anonymous said...

I guess this means that Ray Brookins arrest in Lometa will never be prosecuted.
He had a car full of sex toys when caught by the Lampasas County Sheriff.

Anonymous said...

6:39 could you explain or provide the link to the reference. I couldn't find it in the regular channels.