Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Carona's law enforcement integrity unit another victim of Chubfest 2009

The reform bills mentioned earlier weren't the only good criminal justice bills that died in the House at midnight yesterday.

It looks like John Carona's SB 388 - creating a law enforcement integrity unit at DPS to investigate police corruption - was another victim of what Harvey Kronberg called the "Tommy Williams Memorial Day Chub." The Governor was down with it and it looked for a fleeting moment like a compromise bill had a good chance of passage. It had been approved by the Calendars Committee and was sitting on the general state calendar when time expired last night.


Anonymous said...

The DPS Sunset bill, HB 2730, passed the Senate tonight. It includes a provision creating an Inspector General's office within DPS, which should do some similar things to Carona's bill.

Don Dickson said...

I had some difficulty understanding precisely what Senator Corona's bill would do that was not already being done. Seems I was not alone. And I'm still not entirely clear how the duties of the new IG will differ from those of Internal Affairs.