Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jeff Blackburn Hagiography

A blogger writing under the nom de plume "Harry Homeless" last month posted a notable hagiography of my boss Jeff Blackburn, the Legal Director at the Innocence Project of Texas (who incidentally will be in town this afternoon to testify on innocence legislation moving at the Lege).

The writer recounts his relationship with Jeff going back to the 1980s when the blogger worked as a contract janitor in Amarillo and he turned to Blackburn during an hilarious dispute with an ex-employer, who was then running for Mayor. The post includes several admiring tales of Blackburn's civil rights work in Amarillo; I've known Jeff for nearly a decade and there was much in this piece I'd never heard. But then, Jeff Blackburn is a man with a lot of war stories so I'm sure for the price of a beer or two he'd be willing to elaborate. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yeah - whatever, I used to work for your boss too for several years - all I can say is good luck to you and remember there is help out there when you need it and you will eventually need it. But in the meantime, save yourself a lot of grief and try not to buy into everything he says -- he is not the "Wizard from another Dimension" that he thinks he is -- and despite the fact that he spends so much money on special custom-designed Samurai swords -- he is no great all.

Anonymous said...

A hagiography is an eclesiastical account of a saint's life, and Jeff Blackburn ain't no saint. But that's probably what makes him a great criminal defense lawyer. That, and his intellect and drive. Still, I wouldn't want to work for him, either. His motivational techniques involve a fair share of mind trips.

Anonymous said...

Uh, "nom de plume"? Ouch!

Harry Homeless said...

Harry is a genius. And every word I said was true.

William Hodges said...

I have known Jeff for more than a quarter century. He is most definitely a unique individual, one might even describe him as colourful and possibly a bit eccentric. However, that is simply what makes him who he is. No, Jeff is not a saint. None of us are. No, I do not always agree with him in regard to personal philosophies or ideologies. Still, I know him to be genuine about his beliefs and I respect the fact that he has the fortitude to march to his own drum. In fact, that is something I greatly admire about him as a person.

Anytime I have asked his opinion, he has given it with sincerity, flattering or not, and that is a trait often difficult to find in others. I have never known him to be malicious toward anyone and if I found myself in a fight with my back up against the wall, Jeff is someone I would definitely want on my side to help even out the odds.

After reading a couple of the comments, I am certain he would be someone difficult to work for. He is a very proud and driven individual. Still, as I stated, I have never known him to be a malicious person. I do not know if he considers me to be a friend, he might not. However, if he ever needs one at least he can count on me. As for war stories, Jeff has some of the best and most interesting I have ever heard and they never cost me the price of a beer. Further, anything I have known him to share during storytime have all turned out to be substantiated by record and third parties. Just saying.