Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Clemency in the Rick Perry era

Digging around this morning in the Board of Pardons and Paroles recent annual reports, I compiled this table regarding recent gubernatorial clemency decisions. These data reflect the number of full pardons considered by the board and the number approved by Governor Rick Perry:

In my own mind, I probably hadn't given the parole board enough credit for how many clemency recommendations they make compared to the meager number Governor Perry ultimately signs off on. They recommended 147 people for full pardons during this period, and Governor Perry signed off on just 38 of them - many of those DNA exonerees. Overall, among those seeking a full pardon whose cases were heard by the full parole board, just 4.2% ever received clemency.


The Team said...

Hey Grits,
Thank you for this info. With your permission, I'd like to link to this page & display it permanently on the site.

The Team at PROJECT: Not Guilty will include an in depth study of the TBPP's Clemency Section. Doing so in an attempt to understand the causes / effects of a false arrest, wrongful conviction and sustained trauma suffered by the innocent from the systematic denial of pardons.

Mr. B. (Mark Bennett) of Defending People recently posted an article "I've Handled Lots of These Cases". Telling us that the Harris County Dist. Clerk has a Find a Lawyer clipboard where one can find info. about lawyers, including cases & motions filed.

Well, this too is very valuable info. and has allowed me to search & discover that my 1999 application for a full pardon based on actual innocence was filed along with the Prosecution Motion to Deny & O/D denial. BUT, my 2002 application and subsequent denial info. is nowhere to be seen. I promise you, I'm still worn out from the tedious and time-consuming joke of a process. There will not be a third attempt, that's for certain.

*For the record, the Team will allow PNG visitors to vote on whether or not to grant the State of Texas, my hired attorney (Daniel R. Jackson) and former career prosecutor (Casey J. O’Brien) Full Pardons for knowingly & willingly participating in the wrongful conviction of Thomas R. Griffith for a crime in which he didn't commit. The results will be aired live on the project’s BLOGABOUTIT BlogCast. Note: Mr. Jackson sent me a letter of recommendation for a full pardon “based on the facts of the case” in 1999 as a response to my inquiring about a .38 Rohm revolver (Mystery Gun) that is included as a state’s exhibit (BUT) not in the records. With my second attempt to obtain a full pardon not being on the record, it goes down in history as never happening. Out of hundreds of applicants, are we to believe that it’s an isolated incident or will the Team discover a pattern of accepting 100’s of applications and issuing blanket denial notices without ever being considered?

Thanks to your Post, maybe others will come forward & check to see if their application ever made it passed the goofballs on a power trip in the Clemency Section and consider sharing info. regarding personal experiences.

The Team said...

Grits, we checked out Risse Owens letter to Gov. Perry & Members of the Legislature re: Texas B. of P. & P. on the Annual Report FY 2008.

She boast about the Dept. recommendation concerning disposition of 1,555 clemency cases. Have any idea about she is talking about? Her numbers don't jive with the table. Thanks.

Gritsforbreakfast said...

Team, the BPP considers many more clemency petitions than it recommends.